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Sunday, August 26, 2007

where did your heart go missing?

I love this new song from Rooney. Can't wait to get their new cd.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hal Ozsan

I watched Hal Ozsan last night on Fallen. He's the best character on the show as the avenging angel, Azazel . He's funny, serious and the real deal when it comes to acting. He's a scene stealer.

He sings too. Just not on Fallen. You can catch his Poets & Pornstars online. He's got fans everywhere. He's definitely the one to watch.

Not sure if Fallen will be in the ABC Family Fall line up, but it should be. Its as ever good as Angel (and this show is about fallen Angels when in fact Angel was about a vampire & the writer of this series use to write for the Angel paperback series - Thomas E. Sniegoskie) . Anyway, hopefully Fallen will continue. Its more than just a 4 parter.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

he makes me happy

Hot Rod is silly. Its innocent. Refreshing. Yet some of the time, you knew this movie was written for Will Farrel. I am so glad he didn't star in this movie. Andy owns this picture when he does his dance number in the forest. It was so hilarious. Honestly, lots of fun dance moments in this movie. I loved his silly friends. I'm glad they kept it fresh inspite of perhaps and old script.

You'd think you'd came across the wacky neighbors from the Brady Bunch. Yet there is something real about the house the story takes place in..and its surrounding. Like the heart of America should be. And what I noticed was even more amazing..someone named Pam Brady wrote this movie.

Now of course, there were times I would have really loved to have seen his butt...since he has such a cool one. Instead, Andy makes an ass of himself from time to time yet remains his wonderful self.

Yeah, I'd buy this movie on DVD.

Friday, August 3, 2007


This has to be my favorite picture of Louis Garrel because its kind of silly. And I think thats a side of him you don't ever see on the movie screen.
He's the kind of actor you do wonder what is his real potential. Has the French cinema just exploited him to a certain degree? Not that anything is wrong with that. But I think I'd like to see him in a comedy. You know, Andy Samberg goes French. Ha..ha..
I must see Hot Rod. I need a laugh. And I hear this Samberg movie was written years ago for Will Farrel. Some of the critics think this will make Samberg a star.
Just think what a film like that could do for Louis Garrel. Probably wouldn't be a sex symbol anymore.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Guess what I watched tonight. Kind of by accident. I had always wanted to watch it, but then figured I never would since its NC-17.

Always like Michael Pitt in whatever he's in. I had no idea I'd like the French guy so much though. He was really good. He makes me think of J.F.K jr., a little.

It was really a strange movie. Definitely, the brother sister relationship, even if they kept insisting they were twins connected by their brain. Lots of energy, though. The shots of the long thin hallways were so vibrant and haunting..as were so many things in the movie. Who knew cinema in 1968 was so important in France?

Louis Garrel is the one to watch. Now I want to see more of his films, but they're all in French.

Very strange ending though. It was like they were avoiding the future.