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Sunday, March 28, 2010

word has it

Tom Pelton is off in Germany making a film with Twilight's Ashley Greene in a film by some Oklahoma director(Todd Lincoln) called Apparition. Also Freddie (Lucas Pasqualino ) from Skins is in it, as well. The premise is about a college couple making a film. And well, I guess an old ghost comes back to haunt Tom's character. Something like that. Oh, the ideas its giving me..hehehee. Anyway, the premise is just a bit like the American made horror film that came out in 2009. Dread.

Its a short story written by Clive Barker that made the AFTER DARK HORROR FEST COLLECTION - 8 films to die for. Or this might be an easy way of saying..a film that went straight to DVD. This film stars none other than Twilight's Jackson Rathbone. One has to wonder if Jackson hadn't made the cut of Jasper if he'd been the king of horrorfest... that may or may not have transformed him into a new Johnny Depp(remember that's how Johnny got his start). OK, we know..Jack is no Johnny. Neither is he America's answer to Aaron Johnson, either.

Sorry, I got off track there. But as eye-candy as Rathbone is to American cinema, honestly, I don't think a director has actually given Rathbone a real chance to act. Just recently, I let a friend borrow my  S. Darko dvd, and she said she would have had more fun watching the movie without the sound. It was badly written and directed. Even so, all those faces Rathbone made in the film were the best part of the movie. OK, I'm rambling about him again..I know..but honestly, this guy has got to find better movie choices. And I have to wonder the same thing about Tom Felton. We've got two actors. One American. The other Brit ...that are a great part of a movie series based on books. But they are only bit parts on the screen. So, do we see these faces in our heads, often? Of course, possibly more so than the main characters ...why?

Because we want stories about those characters. So we are busy with fan fic to fill that void. Now will we ever get just a Draco movie? Never. Could Jasper ever go solo? Yeah, right. So they leave us in limbo. Checking IMDB ever so often, hoping these two have made the cut in another movie. Yet, somehow feeling missed out in the end that they didn't get the film they deserved. If only writers and directors could think like us.

OK..I must admit I'd rather listen to Tom sing than Jack..anyday.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

She's out of my League - review

Oh, my.....

I had no idea this film would be this good. Granted, Apataw nor Seth Rogen had a thing to do with this movie. And there is no Jonah Hill, either. Now how could it be funny, then?

Oh, take this guy (Jay Baruchel)who's a geeky James Franco with a bit of Barney Fife's mannerisms (barely) who has the worst family in the world, but has some really sweet buddies from the airport, who comes to the aid of the hotest girl he's ever seen and doubts he'll ever see again..yet he does... and you've got yourself a sleeper.

The gents (Sean Anders and John Morris) who wrote this stuff to humor us will get another shot at making us laugh with HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, hitting theaters next month. Its a sweet comedy about people we know in our life, ordinaries, trying to figure out where we stand in the universe of love, perhaps.

Of course, there has to be the gross factor. But its not too awful. But there are a few surprises. T.J. Miller was so much fun. I've loved him since Carpoolers. He was one of my favorites in Cloverfield who held the camera. Also from Cloverfield is Mike Vogel who I wished we would have seen more of, but he does his part well.

UK's Alice Eve graces us as the party-planning hottie with a brain. No one can quite believe she wants Kirk, and perhaps she's playing it safe. But it seems the two do have chemistry. Of course, I've loved Jay since Undeclared. Its about time he gets to play the leading man. Nate Torrence also made this film so likable too as Kirk's married friend.

It is a fun film that makes a fun date night or just an outing with friends.

Friday, March 19, 2010

not just another Aaron

Oh, he's a good one, all right. A voice like butter. Who was almost Finn on GLEE. But you might never know these things about Aaron Tveit if you watch him on Gossip Girl. I really hated his character. What little there was of Trip. I didn't even care about the story. It was like the stylist on this show can make men so unsexy. I'm beginning to think. Are they afraid they'll upstage the females in the cast or what? Anyway, I think Trip is long gone now. Not sure where he went on Gossip Girl. Couldn't care less, either.

And then.....

He shows up on UGLY BETTY as Zach. Totally, hot in such a nerdy way. Perfect for Betty. A Playwright at that. Oh, I think he could bring a wonderful ending to Betty. I hope anyway. I could definitely watch him more on the show and well, I hate to see that show go now. All because of the fine casting of someone I never really saw as a charactert until now.

Aaron has a beautiful voice too. Honestly, an all around amazing actor. Just afraid Gossip Girl did not use him as they should have. He could have ROARED..but instead, we got nothing.

Here he is in NEXT TO NORMAL on Broadway.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday night TV

Well, I'm sort of caught up with LOST now..maybe. Maybe I don't want to be caught up. Gotta wonder. Its like this season is the fan fiction of the show, or something. I mean, Sawyer a cop? Come on? Seriously? Well, in the side flash story or what ever you want to call it. And those people on that other island. Then the ones we almost have figure out. All ..dead. Its exciting and frustrating at the same time. Just hope I can make it through the next 8 episodes.

Moving on to PARENTHOOD on NBC. It was long awaited. But they had to change up the actors due to illness and what not. So they have a pretty good cast. Actually. But..I don't know..this storyline with the Aspergers storyline. Their child..he's got to be fixed. And now he's in a  certain school..just for kids like him. How lucky are they? Yeah, that would be great for most, but generally, it doesn't work that way.

I know 2 people who contend with it, daily. One, he could be monster if he wasn't on his meds. Even when he is, he's a compulsive liar and hates everything. The other, started college at the ripe age of 16. Sure, he has social issues and can't exactly meet the right guy. But what I do know..the vast differences in how they are taught at home. The latter is from a sweet loving family while the other I first spoke up comes from a family who are angry at each other all the time at home.

Honestly, this would have been a much better storyline if they'd given it to Dax Shepard as an adult. It would be far interesting to see how a person deals with this type of autism. Most who are of an older generation have been over looked with this problem. But generally, they are people who, sometimes, can't work..or maybe even my Dad. I've met an older fellow through work, who I have a feeling is paid not to work. Naturally, he's a know it all, yet has a strange way of socializing. The other is a college student, who has absolutely, beautiful eyes and really, he looks like he could be right off the runway. I mean, he makes anything look good. He looks a lot like Chance Crawford from Gossip Girl.

My foster Mom had wanted me to meet him because she thought he was an art major, and hinting I should be around someone art-like since I had wanted to go into art at one time. Oh, what a funny encounter. I did learn that he'd been to a lot of colleges. But he'd never really majored in anything. His Dad was an officer in the military. At the moment, he lives with a distant relative. He does like talk. Although, I wasn't sure what he was talking about. Anyway, it was kind of sad. In a way. But I think he's happy. He finds so many things exciting in his mundane world. Of course, it might be a different story, living with someone like that. He doesn't drive.

Anyway, to bad their aren't more characters like these people. Especially, in Parenthood where it seems things are just a little too perfect.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Remember Me

OK, remember how Robert Pattinson can throw a hissy fit.

Unfortunately, he's no James Spader.

Yes, its nice to see him and his grungy beard with a bit of tan and James Dean like hair. But really, the character's apartment had more character than he did. I have to say this is what I liked the most about the film..was the feel of really being there. Even if it was a little on the gross side.

Naturally, there are a few things they aren't really up front about. Like, when the present exactly takes place. Nor how long loved ones have passed on, either.

But we do get a love story. The girl he meets has as much of a tragic story as Tyler (Pattinson) who is a bit of a misfit, poor little rich boy. He just can't stay out of trouble. But he's the best big brother in the world to his little sister, and this might be where it gets sweet. Big brothers and little sisters. Yeah, we had those in 500 Days of Summer. His roommate (Tate Ellington) in the movie is a bit of arse. And Emilie de Ravin pulls her weight in each scene as Ally. It does take a bit for their relationship to grow, and if you have the patience for it..well...its interesting.

There were a few tangent moments of Pattison that I felt guilty about not liking when the end comes. But still, he can be kind of an over actor..which might be better than an under actor. Hard to say. I was just hoping for something a little more strange or odd. I guess.

You know..like....

1. he was schizophrenic.

2. his boyfriend committed suicide.

3. he was suicidal..

No, don't worry none of these things happen in the movie.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tuff Turf

Hard to believe this little lost gem came out in 1985. OK, its completely 80's. Cheesy at that...but still James Spader looks his absolute beautiful and awesome self. Hair and all. No matter how messy it gets it falls in the right place. On top of that you get to catch a pre-drugged Robert Downey Jr. who only went by Robert Downy back then.

Add Kim Richards in one of her most adult roles (even if she was suppose to be a teenager. She's the Aunt of Paris Hilton & a wonderful Disney star of the real Witch Mountain) to the mix and you've got an ultimate 80's film.

Here you have out of place Morgan Hiller who is fresh from Connecticut with his family who's dad now has to drive a taxi. He's new at the ruff side L.A. high school.

And Robert Downey's character befriends him just as the local gang is pretty upset with Morgan for being a hero on the street. Perhaps he was just trying to impress Frankie, the gang leader's girl.

The gang do their best to make Morgan's life hell at school. But nothing stops him when he finds the one he loves. Frankie who is practically owned by the gang leader. And naturally havoc comes about when Morgan just can't keep away from Frankie. With a little help from 80's tunes and Robert Downey Jr.- Jimmy, its a movie you can't help watch til the end.

I came about this little film on DVD from a library booksale. What a treasure. And its great to see Spader do wonders with a ballet kick. Really, the movie made my weekend.

Monday, March 8, 2010

My favs at the Oscars

Really, I'm not that fashion conscious. I go for practical for the most part. When you are on your feet all day, well, you start looking at shoes that can with stand the walk, and you want to wear something that will get you through the day. And lately, I've been having to wear my black rimmed glasses due to my contacts giving me the pink eye..so yeah, I'm really looking like a librarian now.

But the Oscars were on last night so I had to at least post my favorites.

Amanda Seyfried without a doubt will be the next or already is...the romantic sweetheart of the movies. Hopefully, we'll see her get an Oscar some day. She has a beautiful voice, as well. She is someone who can play the good, but also  the vixen. I thought her dress was simple yet elegant. I loved the bobbles too.

Another strapless number that I adored was An Education's Carey Mulligan. Usually, a brunette really captured a very elegant actress who I hope and I'm sure we'll see more of. Word has it- she's the new Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. There is something slightly Audrey Hepburn about her. Her dress for the evening looked like it would be a great pick for prom, as well. I liked the bottom flow. Of course, I highly doubt anyone would be seen in our neck of the woods in this number, but you can dream.

And so pretty in pink was Anna Kendrick. It was great to see a softer side of her in this dress. In the movies I've seen her in, she comes off a bit harsh yet very confident. But this dress really made her the sweetheart of the ball. I loved the details. Especially, the buttons in the back. Her hair was really pretty too. Now, that would definitely be the dress to find for Prom. There is just something about it that makes you think that she must feel pretty in this dress, and that's what a dress is suppose to do.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


The critics might not all agree on the music and what not of this show, but it'll probably make big...anyway.

I had the opportunity to go to an IMAX theater to see it. 3-D glasses and all...and it was spectacular. The special effects are brilliant, and the acting isn't to shabby, either. Although, my friend thought Johnny was going to break out in 'jack sparrow' a moment or two. Really, though he was just MAD as the mad hatter.

And Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska, is perfect for the part. She comes off more Claire Danes than Kirsten Dunst, which I'm thankful far. Born in Australia and has already graced movies such as Amelia. She can be seen in The kids are all right with Mark Ruffalo and Julieanne Moore.

Naturally, Helena Bonham Carter is the true Red Queen with her side kick, ominious Crispin Glover. What a couple! Anne Hathaway can be seen fluttering around as the White Queen. Burton does know best when it comes to blending in the goth of it, but with plenty of natural mysterious scenery, capturing your attention.

I think this production made me see the time of how the writer lived, as well. How things were done in those days. While some might see it as a touch of Anti-Catholic, what remains is a time where women had to become what they were suppose to be with no say in the matter through the eyes of men.

And even if the author of the original did find a muse in an eleven year old burnette bobbed girl, the film certain goes to show that girl power can shine through in the most mysterious places. Perhaps we've all visted a place similar to Wonderland when we were small. Really, the film is rich with a history of dreams and the original Alice and Wonderland.

Now you won't get a hint of that playlist until the credit roll. So really Avril didn't ruin anything for the movie.


Where have I been?

I had no idea that Chris Drew was part of this screamo band. I was kind of shocked. I have his downloads. And he's so sweet and cute. Talk about night and day. I'm amazed, in fact. Sorry, I couldn't help write something about him. Gonna give Ollie a run for it..I guess when it comes to Screamo music. Really, though, some very interesting and unique lyrics. And I think he's matured a lot too. Possibly.

I guess Chris has something for everyone. Just don't accidently give your granny the wrong mix for Mother's day. True, though, Moms do love his NevershoutNever stuff.

From Chris' new CD. WHAT IS LOVE?

Pain from eatmewhileimhot


Friday, March 5, 2010

of course, I loved it


and a very long finally it was. A SINGLE MAN finally came to our theater. Tom Ford's debut as a director. And he did make everyone look their best. Well, for the most part. Really, some unique memories explored by an English Professor during the 60's, right before the Cuban crisis. Its an intense story about how he lost his lover and how the present just isn't the same without him. And in a very deep dialogue in class he almost exposes his other life. As he puts it, "We are the invisible."

One student Kenny wants to know more from him. Nicholas Hoult is definitely no Tony from SKINS in the movie. He just goes to show what a wonderful actor he is in the film. Oddly, he didn't sound like the Hoult I'm used to, but then again I think of him as Tony, for the most part. He recent had a New York  interview. Hoult talks about his role as Kenny. In the movie he wears an interesting sweater. Not sure what that personification is, exactly. Lets just say, he's one of a kind.

Julianne Moore rounds out the cast as the neighbor who's known George for a very long time. She can be lovely and yet so rotten being a drunk for the most part. And of course, Matthew Goode as George's past.

I did feel a bit funny going to a movie sitting in front of a group of old women. It was interesting their take on the movie. Many didn't like it. Some didn't like certain parts. So its not a movie for everyone. But it does make you think about life and the moments we should savor. Honestly, the movie goes full circle. The opening scene is so sad..just as the last scene. Hope I don't give too much away.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TakeAction Vol.9

This cd for charity starts off with a cover from We the Kings "the middle".

Its a 2 cd mix that helps out various charity. Sub City has been doing this since 1999. Music varies from accoustic to not so accoustic. Like Never be what you want from  We are in the Crowd.

On cd 2 you'll find The Secret Handshake's TGIF

Then there's those lets get down to the gritte with Bring me the Horizon. Sleep with one eye open. Something for everyone!

And you can't forget eatmewhieimhot's xxburritoxx.

The 2nd cd finishes off with something more low-key and sweet. The downtown fiction's I wanna run.

One of my favorites..sorry possibly not the best sound..

Really this cd has a lot to offer at a very cheap price. And the money goes to a good cause.

Sounds like a tour of these bands is even in the works. Who knew what good hearts  these fellows have. Check out TakeAction Vol.9.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

He was born Theodore Seuss Geisel. His father wanted him to be a doctor. He was granted an honorary doctrate from his alm mater in 1956. Naturally, we all know him as a children's author.

He worked as an illustrator for advertising campaigns working on ads for companies like General Electric and NBC. He was also a political cartoonist. During World War II he worked in the Animation Department of The US Army. Although he wrote lots and lots of wonderful children’s books, he never had any children of his own.

And to think..he wrote Green Eggs and Ham on a dare made by his publisher Bennet Cerf who bet him $50 that he could not write a children’s story using ONLY 50 words; 49 of which were one syllable words. He succeeded. And has helped many of us learn to read over the years.

Be sure to check out your local library today. All sorts of fun things are happening there to celebrate his birthday. He'd be 105.