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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gossip girl gone Vamps

OK, this has to be the worst season of Gossip Girl. Its just gone nowhere even with a threesome and Blair and Chuck in their own Camelotville. It just sucks. So thinking of sucking and how amazing Vampire Diaries has been, I thought...hey, how about gossip girl with a twist. Sort of like what they are doing with Jane Austen and zombies and sea monsters, as of late. So I have killed my 'gossip guys' blog. I know, bummer. But for slash fan fic and all that were looking into it..well, it might have been over the top or would have been and really I can only have just so many Dan & Nate scenes. While Chance was really getting viral there as a serial something another with his split personalities where one was gay and one was straight. It was the gay one, who was his sweet side. Well..I decided to go a different way.

And like you are thinking..not another vampire story..please! You better make it good, Ivy! Well, I'll try. Just see where it takes me..and who knows..there might end up being some gayness along the way too. I'll never tell until I get to that tale.

So here is Gossip Girl gone Vamps.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

a jacob black tale

Well...he put a spell on me when I saw New Moon. I just couldn't get enough. But then again, I wouldn't want Jacob with Bella, anyway.

Check out my new fan fiction, a jacob black tale.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon - review

What would you be doing about now if you had a guy like this in your room?

Well, you know Bella, and many of you do. Who were hungry for yet another part of the saga. A movie just to show you how much she loves Edward. And you got it.

But, on all accounts I must admit...my favorite parts were Jacob's aka Taylor Lautner. And yes, he has so many good things to look at on the screen. But really, he's fresh, and just the guy you'd hope to meet anywhere in America. And he's very well capable of acting so naturally. Throw in some very high tech special effects, and hey, you can fall in love with a werewolf. To bad, Bella didn't.

Honestly, I find the whole storyline just a tad ridiculous (and I know that's the book) of running all the way to Rome to save Edward. I would have liked to have really known what that Edward was doing meanwhile..while Bella was all depressed.. Just being his sad self, I suppose. And Of course, getting to say "don't" quite a lot to Bella in all her recklessness. So pasty too, and a little hard to watch. What's up with that lippy of his? There is was..and then not, and back again. Some how even Jasper comes off looking beautiful no matter what.

The soundtrack looks promising. I just might have to get it. I liked several of the tunes. Well, some of them.

The down side of this film is what a waste of wonderful actors. Well, they got paid and hopefully, it'll keep them going for that really amazing movie out there somewhere for them. Poor Jamie Campbell Bowar, just about three lines, perhaps near the end. And well, I can think how they could have made him up. He was just a bleached zombie. Really, he is gorgeous if given half a chance. And I don't think Kristen Stewart has had an acting lesson yet. I guess you don't have to if you have to look miserable all the time.

At least Michael Welch had his moment, even if it was a scene where he got sick. Really, the Jacob moments were my favorite. Lautner is quite a natural. And well, I like that animal instinct of his.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the gossip girl way

Is Gossip Girl on its way back up the quality ladder? It certainly seems that way. Last week’s episode was really good. And, GG fans, I’m prepared to say that this week’s installment bordered on great. And the threesome was even better in flashback form! Plus, they added a new character and he wasn’t a dud! In fact, the dude was hot like fire. Chrismukkah has come early!

The major story of the evening was the fallout after the Dan/Olivia/Vanessa threesome. Olivia started to become jealous of Vanessa and Dan’s relationship which basically amounts to a mutual fondness for frowning, caffeine, and Morrissey. It was quite amusing seeing Dan Humphrey strolling down the street like he was a love machine (“Just me, Olivia, Vanessa. Two girls, four boobs, and one Dan Humphrey. How awesome am I?”). Also, the flashbacks to the threesome were waaaay more hot than anything in last week’s much-hyped episode. I wonder if the Parents Television Council tuned in last night.We also learned a much repeated rule of theesomes: The third person is always supposed to be a stranger! Gossip Girl not only entertains, it teaches.

And some one gets paid to write this..I couldn't help myself but find this so stupid to read this morning on EW. And people think last night's show was the best ever. Hmmmm...Its the first one I've watched this season after hearing about the threesome hype that was so lame.

Honestly, the show can't even make guest stars look worth watching. Maybe its the hair products they use. I dunno what was up with Hillary's hair or the one who plays Vanessa, but it was odd. And I wasn't into Serena's little French pony-tail, either.

I suppose this Americanizing the threesome or trying to be what pops up on so many shows across the pond like on Hollyoaks. Still we can make these storylines awkward and quite lame. Perhaps its all the materialism involved. Its hard to find the heart of characters on Gossip Girl.

Last season I'd watch just to watch Ed over act. It was hilarious. He was so fun to watch. I have to admit the one thing they have going on the show is Nate and Dan's friendship. But really this show it quite the same old same old. I'm not sure I'm up to write fan fic about it anymore.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I got nothing

I saw this video on Natalie's blog. And I remembered him, from some time ago. Well, he's such a sweet guy. And dedicated to his cause. Please give his song a chance. You'll be glad you did.