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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kamikaze girls!

Its a classic. If you want a little gem for your DVD collection, don't leave this one out. Made in 2004, its still fresh with pop culture of Japan and of course, the fresh Lolita look.

Here you have Momoko(Ky├┤ko Fukada) who isn't like others in their trek suit world between the rice fields. Where women are tough and cry where no one will see them. She is rezealant to be a part of the historical French culture she adores, where they embroidery when they aren't in bed with their lovers. So much charm and adorable innocent laughs. True, it's in Japanese, but great subtitles.

She meets biker girl Ichigo (Anna Tsuchiya). Her complete opposite who works on a bikes and is in a gang. They are highly unlikely pair since Momoko is definitely a solo act who dreams of flying and eats sweets for lunch. While Ichigo is sour and rugged.

On one level if you really want to go there, it could be a platonic lesbian relationship..but isn't that friendship, anyway. Its a movie you can watch with your little sister or brother. Well, I did find this copy in our Young Adult area at the library. There is some violence.

The movie is based on historical Japanese fact about Himiko the first empress in Japan during their Wei dynasty, dying in 248 AD. Being a woman ruler and priestess (as reported by the Chinese), she is something of a feminist icon in Japan. Yet she remains rather mythical.

Need a girl power fix. Gotta see it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

When in Rome

Oh..could it possibly be too cute for comfort?

Well, Valentines day is right around the corner, and this will get you in the mood. What it takes to find love. An Italian spell, of course, from the fountain of love. Something sneaky like that. And yes, Kristen Bell has her game on. This was the right fit for her. As well as Josh Duhamel. These two are in love with their work and meet at Beth's sister's wedding in Rome. Thus the games begin.

You'll see some cameos from Don Johnson to that wonderful Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, Efren Ramirez, Jon Heder's side kick..again. I wish he would have been in it more.Truly a fun cast. Dex Shepherd makes his mark with his body. He is a scene stealer. I hear in real-life that Bell and Shepherd are dating. At least there is no love lost between them in this flick.

The movie is quite clever, and if you have a date night, you can get your fella to go because he's sure to have a laugh of some kind with this movie.

It was playful, thoughtful and well, kind of magically.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

pretty people

OK, I'm a little sad that I won't get to see A Single Man. For various reasons.

1. its at an artsy place downtown that Clive doesn't want to drive too.
2. it'll make Clive uncomfortable. A gay movie.
3.I was to go with a co-worker, but she's sick, and the movie is leaving town. My other co-worker, who I'd rather be going with, is working.

I know, get up the guts. Go see it, Ivy. What's your problem?

Sometimes, its just good to think of it, as you think it would be. It might surprise you. It might have been better in your head than it actually was. Well, that's the way it was with Paper Heart. I so could not wait to see it. I was so excited. Another movie I never got to go too because of the artsy factor, and it wasn't showing in the nearby cinema, either. Honestly, Charlene just isn't as charming as I expected. And her giggling got a bit annoying. And seriously, just what was the point. I liked the idea of people talking about how they met and what love is to them. And her puppets were pretty cute. But still. Dunno. Just wasn't as good as I'd hoped.

But this is Tom Ford we are talking about who directed A single man. He makes everyone look brilliant. And granted, I feel sure Nick would have never been capable of this role if he hadn't been Tony in Skins. That was the essences of probably getting people to pay attention to what this very tall young man could do. Although, from interviews, I can tell he's rather proud of all the mundane movies he's done, and I love that humble attitude of his. I hope it stays with him. One about a mountain which I can't remember the title of, and I'm sure will be overlooked just as I am over looking it now. I hope A Single Man comes out on DVD soon. Hopefully, some day, Nick will get an Oscar and this will possibly be the movie that did it only he won't ever be recognized that he did so amazingly in this film. Instead, it'll be given to Colin Firth, which he is way overdue.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

its never like the movies

Well, when it comes to friends. I love reading other blogs where there is all this support from friends and you know, doing things together. Going out. I haven't had that in a long time. Sure I have my guy, and yeah, it was kind of strange that we hooked up when we did.

I mean, I sort of had life planned out with someone else. I'll just call him my James Franco guy since he used to make me think of him. Not anymore. Its like, I thought, did I change him, or something? It was crazy. Even though, I didn't know it then. We lived with his Mom and sister and well, my foster family wasn't too happy with me, but you know, it was working. Kind of. But then it fizzled before it got really abusive. He was really stressed about his life after high school. And somewhere, along the way, I guess I didn't care about my friends enough. Of course, I thought they were all drama while all along, they thought that of me. As I've come to realise..as time has past. I dunno why I've decided to rehash this. Since, well, I've moved on. And yes, I'm with the last person they expected. But I guess we were always friends. And I kept his pants.

Really, though, Clive isn't what I expected. I mean, no one expected it to last. And its kind of strange how I'd thought he was like this freebie who came in from California with a friend of mine. She just said that to make it sound like something was going on, when there wasn't. Funny, neither one of us know exactly what she's doing now. But anyway, he'd came to live with his Mom and her new family which was kind of not working out...and he kept saying he was going back to California. But he never did. Just never did.

And yeah, he'd listen to all my problems with the James Franco guy. You know, I was upset that it was me. Me, who made him this way. Who made him angry. Like, I needed to know why, how could I change.... It wasn't that he gave me any answers. He never would. But he was there for me. And then even his Mom thought it would be a good idea if we, moved in together.

It wasn't one of those things that happened over night. Granted, no one thinks it would last. Still live on the cheap. But I like where we live in the old part of town. And I've possibly taken some of the coolness out of him. Or maybe I just know the real Clive. Nothing to prove. He can be like an old man, sometimes. Honestly, I see him, how he'll be. Some days. I wonder what he thinks when he sees me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Have you seen this guy

Its not that he's missing or anything. Its just I dunno who he is. A friend had sent me his picture and asked me if I had any idea who this blondie was. Of course, I thought of Kelly Osbourne's bloke first, but he's far prettier than that fellow and I know many think of Kelly's significant other already as a sex god. Neither, of us have a real clue just who he is. Nor where we can find more pictures of him with his beautiful eyes and luscious lips. Naturally, I'm thinking..gotta be British. Gotta be a model. But who knows, when the photo was exactly taken. He might not look anything like this, anymore.
Of course, he'd inspire me. Just one photo of him looking like some sort of modern day character from a Dicken's novel or an Anime live action hero..I had to write about him in some of my semi-fan fic..which truth be told ..its more my characters than the show..Hollyoaks would just be the backdrop..Blondie aka Rupert meets Aaron Johnson aka Soren.

I'm tempted to start just a blog about them, but I dunno. Probably shouldn't. Besides, its nice to have their stories intertwined as part of the other 2 blogs I work on. Probably more than I should. I find myself falling back on premises that perhaps have more of an ancient history that one might wonder if myth or reality or just a sense of how pagan ways still have a hold on royality. All right, I'm more puzzling than ever..huh?

As in Rupert's story, he works in a rather gay fashionable scene at a club as the guy who keeps everything going in the pageantry of a 'queens' gala, but always stands firm on the belief he's not "gay"...then comes along Soren who accidentally gets mixed up with cousin Sebastian at a party..only, he didn't know he was kissing his cousin until he meets him in the loo. ..Soren is quite a player, but out of cash and has to rely on his relatives. Naturally, they(Soren&Rupert) meet each other on a very cold night on New Year's eve. Soren definitely doesn't find Rupert manly enough..but still..something clicks. Yet the story revolves around a sister trying to find Rupert, his closed lipped dad, and the idea he has no idea who his real family is. Conflicts..conflicts..conflicts.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Leap Year

I know what you're thinking...you..didn't...did you? Yes, I did. And for all those who told me it would be just like New in Town. Well, it wasn't. Not that it was The Proposal, either. Yet, nicely thought out with or without the luck of the Irish.

And Matthew Goode is no Hugh Grant. Thank god, he would have definitely botched this movie. Yet, we think of Matthew, clean shaved, possibly a man's man in a couple of his past movies, not all scruffy, yet very cleverly smirky.

At first Amy Adams got on my nerves. Just a tad uptight. And those shoes. Who wears those while traveling? I definitely wouldn't. But the film grows on you as the adventure unfolds on her way to propose to her cardiologist boyfriend... as she gets lost in a pub on the way to Dublin and fries the village power with her Blackberry. And as any good love story, one needs to be filled with surprises, anticipations and quirky moments. The film has these, and old Irishman trying to figure out what days are and are not lucky. Its also a great escape for getting away for awhile. The cinematography was amazing of Ireland. Really, makes you want to find a castle. And meet a guy name Declan.

And just one question it gives you to think on. If your house was on fire, what would you take those last 60 seconds?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Newt and Lauren

Newt is said to use more mascara than the average crossdresser as the kind hearted emo from Hollyoaks. Even so, fans love him and not quite psycho, Lauren. True, she spends most of her time either writing poetry about him and getting him out fixes with his schizo frenzies. I had already started a slash fan fic about him long ago which was possibly off the beaten path, but still I like seeing him with Billy. Honestly, I've never quite liked Lauren that much and split them up right away..well, its slash fan fic. Sorry. But my friend does so she started a new fan fic with them and a few others from Hollyoaks high. I thought I'd mention it. Naturally, there is trouble in paradise. You have to have conflict if you want a story.
Newt & Lauren fanfiction.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Landon Liboiron

Landon Liboiron is the new hottie on Degrassi, rich kid - Declan who always gets what he wants. While Landon knew what he wanted when he hit the stage in Missoula Montana at a children's theater. He wanted to be an actor, and a devoted one at that.

Landon grew up in rural Jenner, Alberta. Thankful to the support of his family. His Mom would drive him 14 hours to Vancouver to study acting. Now that's true devotion to the passion of acting. And we are ever so happy that he did. He's rather talented as the persuasive Declan. Lord knows just how bad this character could be. Its still not clear if he's good or what. His character has already had a secret fling with Jane which Spinner hasn't got an inkling about. Come February he'll be paired up with Holly J, resident big shot cheerleader that no one can stand (but she knows about him and Jane and she's actually in love with Spinner). Except Blue and well, that romance didn't last long. Word is that there is something going on between siblings Declan and Fiona, but that's just a rumor. Who knows what that could be about.

Landon was in the Canadian drama Wild Roses before he got on Degrassi : The Next Generation. He has two upcoming movies Zombie Punch and Altitude coming out soon.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the chinless virgin

Michael Cera brings to life C.D Payne's Nick Twisp's tales in Youth in Revolt. It has such a nostalgic feel to it with its costumes and cast. Cleverly written with smart dialogue of youth and what we hope to achieve someday. Hipster status. Well, the girl of dreams, perhaps...played by fresh faced Portia Doubleday(Sheeni) who Twisp meets while vacationing at a trailer park. Oh, and Portia's parents have the ultimate trailer. Just as his Dad has the ultimate hottie even if he doesn't have a job. Also there is fear of Sheenie's boyfriend Trent aka the Ken Doll or a Josh Hartnett look-alike. Thus Twisp becomes the ultimate French lover that Sheenie would want. Slick mustache and all, Francois Dillinger...so the mischief begins...or mayhem...all for a girl. With a little help from Sheeni's brother Paul, Justin Long, havoc is on its way. Some really fun performances from Aliens in America's Adhir Kalyan and Jericho's Erik Knudsen as sweet pathetic Lefty.
The soundtrack is filled with lots of quirky indie tunes from the fruit bats and little wings, but my favorite tune would have to be 'tain't what you do by fun boy three & bananarama. Really, this movie is a little gem in all those January movie releases. And it just might be a new cult classic, too.

Friday, January 8, 2010

the story just gets better

As many of you know, Aaron Johnson must be a romantic. Engaged to his director from No Where Boy, the 42 year old Taylor-Wood. Of course, one begins to wonder if it were a publicity stunt. Well, now we know, Taylor-Wood is expecting his child. So in spite of possibly letting down legions  of us who love that Sex God smile of his, he's probably doing the right thing. Possibly. Still, its such a shocker. Although, Ralph Feinnes married someone much older. And at a young age Patrick Dempsey married his best friend's mother. Anyway, it is rare to find someone so young, so committed. So something should be said for that. Still, its the longevity of the matter. And with that, it does take two to commit to such  an equation even if it perhaps might grow bigger in the long run. Naturally, one wonders why they'd get involved with someone so much older. I remember reading articles about Ashton Kutcher and his faith and being such a good brother to his brother who has a disability and then there was Demi. True, we are all a mixed bag. I can definitely relate so, with my significant other. He did not have the best childhood with being the oldest to a single Mom for the most part. On many occasion, he had to play Dad to his younger siblings. & yeah, he's got commitment issues. With all the high tech, global world about us, its still hard to make relationships work. In the end, its a team effort of give and take. These are things, we certainly all have to work on, no matter how romantic you are. The reality is to be there for the other person. And its an everyday adventure.  So all the best to this new adventure to the two of them. Even if it is a little hard to swallow.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

most definitely the one to watch

Aaron Johnson finally graced the states on Nickelodeon just a week after his John Lennon film opened in the UK. Nowhere boy. This just might be his year, or from the sound of it perhaps the last couple of years. He's definitely made some right moves when it comes to film choices. I so want to see his film Dummy from 2008. He's starting a film with Skin's Hannah Murray Chatroom. Then there are the undie ads. This bloke knows how to flaunt it in all the right ways just so you'll be coming back for more. But you should most definitely take him serious in his roles. He showed he could definitely make it real in Dummy about a moody teenage boy filled with grief over his mother's death. Hopefully, we'll definitely see more of him this coming year...and many more.

He's adorable in the Georgia adventures that many of us have grown up with. The film was actually better than I expected. He's Robby that Georgiana has set her eyes on to get for her boyfriend, just an accessory for her upcoming birthday party no less. But naturally, there is more to the story, growing up, boys, mates and family. The director from Bend it like Beckham really knows how to hone in on the good parts of growing up. And the soundtrack is delightful too. You can catch the film on NICK Jan. 15. Its available on DVD, Jan. 19.

Georgia Groome plays Georgia in the film. She's so bubbly and yet full of angst too. These two really were a good mix in the film. I'm sure Louise Rennison is very happy with the outcome of Gurinder Chadha's writing and directing of this film. I definitely enjoyed the setting of the film as well as the cast. The music if fun too. Its a film, definitely, with the potential of wanting to watch again and again.