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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lets go scrappy

OK, so there is this industry out there. Even Martha is in on it at Michael's. Just don't let that make you think it can't be done. Yes, scrapbooks are to be loved.
Granted, I don't spend a fortune on it. This here is actually a scrap book from OLD NAVY. And that's a picture of my Dad's sunflower I took when I was about eleven or so that my Mom actually made a copy off to send her lifer penpal in prison who sent it back to her. & well, look where it ended up.
My scrapbook.
So yeah, put a little bit of history of you in your very own book. It doesn't have to come from the store. All sorts of way of putting in some fun. Drawings. Hilarious! pics of you pasted with your favorite TV crush. Oh, it can be as silly as you want.
Scrapbooking should be a stress reliever not a burden. Its for you. You know. So you dress it up anyway you want. Don't feel the pressure for absolute perfection. Naturally, you could even give them for gifts. Always great to put recipes in, play lists & other remember whens. Just go for it. & smile.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here you go

I'm not sure I'd say it was absolute brilliance. But chance are, you've read it.

Since this soft cover has came out, its been downsized for a cuter fit so you can take it along as a beach read or on the metro, perhaps. But any how, she is a bit too smart for her own good. The main character. And then you have to wonder where her smarts went.

Of course, its one of those reads that leaves you wanting more.

Perhaps you'll want to check your shelves. See if you've still got a copy of it. Who knows, it just might be better the second time around. Maybe. Don't forget Megan McCafferty for your spring and summer reads.

Want to get away from it all? Try one of her books.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh yes you can Cann

2 of my favorite reads by Kate Cann. They make me think of summer and let me take a bit of a vacation anywhere with her British bit of humor. Which, I don't even think she lives in the UK so I might be far off from just what sort of humor it really is, but it does show.
Too bad she doesn't get the attention as that Meg and all her series. I suppose its not Gossip Girl nor the Clique, but about real girls with real problems of coming of age. Boys. Even some of her characters wonder if they'd be better off as a lesbian some of the time too.
Cann's fame was probably the Ready, Set, Go series that came out a few years ago. Even libraries practically banned the book. It was about a girl who met a poor little rich boy and what became of them once they hooked up.
Seriously, though, there is more to Cann than just shopping and see who can have the most stuff. Really, her writing is about rezealence, and coping with what life hands you, instead. She's really remarkable in that sense and oh so readable. There is another series of hers I'd love to get my hands on, but as it is, can't find that much of her books anymore, and I don't see her publishing much new stuff. At least, not here in the states. Instead, places like Wal-mart have reissued some of her books under more generic names. If only they knew what were in them. Tee hee...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh, Ducky

No, not the John Cryer from PRETTY IN PINK. Ann M. Martin had her very own too, from the CALIFORNIA DIARIES.
My all time favorite character of hers that she may or may have not developed. So I've been told a ghost writer actually did this one for her. Who knows. It was possibly her most cutting edge series, only she had the Babysitters club which was so loved, no one could imagine such troubled youth.
And of course, we were left unfulfilled with Ducky. Was he or wasn't he? He was every girl's dream of the best guy friend possible. He had worries. Parents on adventures who didn't care how lonely he really was. And the lengths he'd go to, just for his best friend. And it wasn't Sunny.
If only Ann M. Martin could come back and push the envelope now. I think we'd be proud if she'd just let Ducky come clean and be who he was. What would have been so wrong with that? I'm sure he would definitely be on many Gay and Lesbian teen groups reading list.
But no, we were left hanging. I feel sure he was the most loved of all the books in the series. Where are you Ducky? What are you doing now?

confessions of a fan fic writer

OK, so I don't know why I haven't started a Mitch Hewer fan fic as of yet. I should.

All though its a bit of a controversy. I have one friend who's down on me for all my Jamie & Danny stories as well as the Trace Cyrus fan fic. She thinks I should just keep it to fiction. Possibly she's right.

But I can't help myself. I mean, its fan fic. Its the possibility, but probably not ever happening in my wildest dreams.

It just makes me laugh when I think of it, you know. And I'm really trying not to dis anyone. Just perhaps, look at it all a little differently. Its not like I'm the one who's with them. Which I think would be very peculiar.

Perhaps all I am is a voyeur, after all. And that really is strange enough.

But then again, the way we have to have a snap shot of every little thing these celbs do. I feel bad for them. Of course, I've heard Hewer's interviews..being in films, etc. That's what the fellow has to get used to. All those camera on him just to drive a couple of blocks down the street.

Naturally, I do think he should be the new IT guy. Just like Jamie Campbell Bowar. I really hope they both get to be in films before its too, late. So maybe that's really why I write. Seeing them in films in my own head, I suppose.

Well, something like that. And hopefully..someone can be amused as well. Of course, it would help if I put a sentence together properly. But until then.