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Saturday, May 23, 2009

skins slash fan fic


I couldn't help myself. After noticing someone looking for Skin's Maxxie fan fic, I decided. Why not. A friend I were discussing the third season which she can hardly stand so I thought more about Maxxie and Tony and what if. They were both so amazing in the show. Although, I never really got into Georgie so much. But still, I kept thinking..hmmmm..had Maxxie said that to Tony just because of Michelle when they were back in that room in Russia. Maybe. Or was it the fact that Tony thrived in doing anything that might keep him from a commitment to Michelle. And how Maxxie really feel about her, too? So many question. So much to ponder. It makes me smile to think about.

I hated to see that part of show end that way. Yet, so many talented actors that I can only hope will make it in films. They definitely are up and coming. And probably againsts my better judgemnt I started Maxxie and Tony. Two of my favorites from Skins.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Nickelback is possibly wiser than you think. With the new Dark Horse, Nickelback is every graduates anthem. Especially with the hit If today was your last day now playing on just about every radio station that does Top 40. These guys are the salt of the earth yet well seasoned for any BBQ in the future where you might need the soundtrack of your life. Still they know when to deliver, so the hits will pay off.

But just in case you were hungry for the usual. There is Something in your mouth, Burn it to the ground and of course S.E.X. Possibly tunes toned down to previous lyrics that you were afraid to admit you knew the words too. This group makes you smile, makes you think. Makes you remember the time you were with who and doing what? With this sort of CD, they are in for the long haul. They will make you look back and say, they are classic rock. Of course, you might not think it at the moment. And it would be hard to compare them to Credence Clearwater Revival or the Eagles, but this might be the group you'll still be listening to years from now. This might be your one CD for summer. Just maybe.

Of course, I'm not so sure I know just how dark this horse is that they speak of. They do seem to be sticking to their tried and true to their fans. It just goes to show that there is a slightly darker side to the listener and what sort of sexy lives they have. Perhaps. Or wish for.

I think most will be content with the CD who have bought their stuff in the past. Yet, there are those who probably wished it had been darker. A tad more earthy. OK, maybe a lot more earthy, who dig those dirty secrets told. But its a rather radio friendly CD and who knows this might be the one that gets the gold.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Old Sweater by Cait Wilder

I found the old blue sweater in the kitchen trash. The tarnished brass buttons brought back an instant memory, his kiss at the kitchen sink. The sweater clung to the faint odor of him, cheap spicy aftershave mixed with nicotine.

"What is this doing in the trash?" I yanked it out of the morning egg shells.

"What are you doing with an old thing like that, anyway?" Vinny crossed his arms.

"I like it," I said, "What else matters?"

It was my history not his. He didn't need to know how I came by it nor why I chose to keep it.

"You never wear it."

"Because, I couldn't find it.....obviously." Things were mixed up since Vinny moved in.

"It's been in your closet for ages."

"You haven't been here that long."

"Long enough, Monica." His dark eyes glared at me, "What is so damn special about that sweater?"

"It's..it's all I have left."

I told him all there was to know about Bo. It was one of those in between things, in between semesters, in between boyfriends, but it was special. We'd seen 311 together at the Ranch Bowl.

Back before May, last year. A chill of spring in the air. I suppose that's how I got the sweater and the memory that I wanted him to be my lover. The kind of thing I read about in English class. The kind of thing where thoughts are savored for that intense moment that you know the true meaning of love. It kind of made me sick now to think I thought like that once of a mere long haired moocher.

"Left of what?"

"I don't like this Vinny," I said, "We're going to have a fight, aren't we?"

"What do you mean? Like a boxing match? This is a discussion."

"There's nothing to discuss." I put the sweater in the wash.

"I think there's something you're not telling me."

Vinny was such a little boy at times. I liked that about him in the beginning. He amused me with his quaint cuteness. He was the child I wanted. I watched his lips pout. He could look quite pathetic when he wanted with those puppy eyes.

"It's just....

"Who's sweater is it, Monica?"

"It was a gift. All right."

I guess Bo forgot about it, but it seemed like a gift after all this time. He was not coming back for it. There was no reason too. He was a nomad by nature.

"An old sweater?" I heard him laugh. "Who gave you the sweater, Monica?"

"I wish you wouldn't make such a big deal out of this."

"A big deal? You're the one making a big deal, Monica."

It was Saturday. We were suppose to be in the car driving around town looking for garage sales, even a trip to a nearby state park. We were to be together.

"I am not."

"I'm your boyfriend, right?" Vinny said, "and...and..if this is something that's going to come between us..then...."

"Then what?"

"It's either the sweater, or me....has to go."

I'd never seen such distrust in those eyes before. What a baby.

"Oh...God...get real...PLEASE...don't make this such a stupid thing!"

But I could see his disgust. He paced in the kitchen until he went to the bathroom. I heard the clutter on the the bathroom counter hit the floor. He was getting his things together to leave.

I banged on the bathroom door.

"What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing?"

There he was with his satchel filled with his basic essentials from the bathroom.

"C'mon, you can't be serious."

"You don't think I'm serious?" Vinny said, "I'm ready to walk out that door if you don't throw that sweater away!"

"It's just a sweater."

"Right, that's all it is, Monica....just a sweater."

"So forget about the sweater."

"No, you forget about the damn sweater."

Vinny cut past me to the bedroom. I followed, watching him find his suitcase in his organized closet. The man made me furious with all his energy to have everything in order. I thought I loved that about him since I was a dysfunctional clutter magnet. I could never find my reading glasses, and I'm not sure where my coffee mugs disappear too . Probably under the couch, but that was spotless, too.

"Do you realize what this would mean?" I asked, "We'd have to start dividing our stuff." I looked at the firm queen sized bed. The plaid, blue and white comforter creased neatly under the pillow. He loved that bed made to perfection. I wanted to jump on it to cause some kind of disorder, but I didn't. "Who'd get the bed?"

"I bought that bed."

"But we made love on that bed before we ever had a bed frame for it."

"We didn't have sheets on that bed."

He remembered. He knew that day when it wouldn't stop raining, and we couldn't get enough of each other. I remember the sweat, maybe the humidity. No, it was just us, and I knew then how it would be if we were together. It was fast. It was furious, foreplay, floor-play, anywhere it could happen, and it did. It was a craving. I smiled. How could he be mad over such a little thing, the old sweater.

"It's our bed." I told him, "You couldn't possibly go to bed with someone else in our bed."

"But it's okay if you keep some old lover's sweater?"

"A sweater can be washed."

"You don't ever think about him, do you when...when..when we're together, do you?"

I noticed he was hardly finding anything to pack in his empty suitcase.

"Of course not."

I pushed my fingers through my wavy hair. This was the headache from hell. This was not suppose to be happening. My parents were coming tomorrow for brunch. We were grownups. My parents were waiting patiently for a wedding date soon.

I closed his empty suit case, latched it and put it back in the closet. I looked at him then. Those dark eyes of his were crying.

If we looked at each other long enough, I knew it would happen. It did. He peeled my undershirt off before any second thoughts.

I'm not sure how we could undress quite that fast. I'd hate to see it on video. I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty. The trouble he had getting out of his underwear was sometimes enough cause for a laugh. Anyhow, it was fun in bed.

There was no time for foreplay just the kissing, a playful passion to get from plan A to plan B. Luckily, we stayed on the bed. The sweat dripped among other things, and the exercise always left me hungry. Only I didn't like to cook, and he laid there in exhaustion for the most part which generally left him in a deep sleep of snoring. It was like I knew what was going to happen before we got there on this Saturday romp.

But that's not what happened. Of course, he made his little jumps from here to there. At this rate, we'd need a new bed by the time we got married. Vinny was hard on furniture. I could only hope someday he might slow down, and I'd have half as much fun as he seemed to have in his vigor of hasty intercourse.

There were times when I might have asked, "Is it over already?"

Once when he had to be in class in fifteen minutes he left in a hurry then I heard the door unlock. I asked him if he forgot something. He shook his head, and we had a quickie in the living-room floor.

I remembered Regis was were on. I had watched the show upside down. I am sure I didn't appreciate all this as much as he did.

When we were done that was on my mind. My head hanging off the bed, looking upside down with the blood rushing to my brain. I was in a pool of sweat, famished and wondering why he wasn't in his corner snoring. No, he got up, found his underwear in a ball under the bed. He dressed quickly, and I wrapped myself up in the sheet, laying there wondering why this happened.

Nothing said, nothing broken. He was going. I felt bitter about this, and yet I knew there was no romance, not really. I didn't feel for him what I felt for Bo and the old sweater. Just the same, my body didn't believe me. It felt complete next to his. It found delight in his warmth, the sensation in his cool sweat. I wasn't sure I could go on without him.

But the door slammed shut. There was the old sweater. The trouble heaped on the bedroom floor. There was no nostalgia left in it.

I got up then to look through the dirty clothes. There it was. His favorite gray Red Dog T-shirt. I put it on. I wondered how long I'd have to wear it before I washed it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

interview with ellie

No, not the magazine, just someone I'm fond of reading on a daily basis, ellie and friends.

Recently, we spoke and found out a few things about her on going teen story of Ellie and her friends.

So you've been writing this story over a year now about a teenager named Ellie who was fifteen at the time but soon turned 16 and found herself falling hard for her buddy up the street Kyle. A most unlikely pair. How did you come up with this idea?

Nothing to watch on TV, I guess. And well, I always thought of Emily Osmont as this all American girl who is far more talented that Miley Cyrus and I kept thinking, wouldn't it be cool if she was starring in her own show that was a bit more real than Hannah Montana. But then I wanted to make it something that could happen on my street in my neighborhood so I had to think who she'd have to meet, and I first thought of Kyle as someone I had grown up with.

Was it your intention to make them romantically involved?

Well, possibly. Except he's younger, but more experienced than her. And yeah, I guess if they had really been involved in the story, it might have been over sooner. I just wanted a few twist and turns before that could happen and well, I'm not sure it'll ever happen now since they are now step-siblings.

Lots of twist and turns in this story. Especially, Eric. I have a friend who told me that she'd actually like to see a film with Nick Hoult and Emily Osmont, together, after reading your story. Did you think he'd be the one?

This I have to thank to readership with their comments, mostly. I wanted the story to be about a girl and her choices in life. Not so much 'romance' but the consequences she faces. And Ellie does have a way of not always following what you thought she would have followed. Initially, I wasn't going to have Eric around for Ellie. He was going to be Cory's boyfriend. And then people started going on about how sweet he was and why wasn't Ellie interested in him. Honestly, he was based on a friend of mine from school who is now off in music school so then I had to start thinking who would I want to see in that part and naturally, Nick Hoult came to mind because he's such a versatile actor.

How is readership these days?

Its changed in the last few months. I know people are busy, but then I have to take in economical factors, as well. I miss some of my favorite readers. They are like old friends. Maybe one day I'll hear from them, again. But there are new ones which I am so grateful for the feedback.

I hear Ellie and Friends is coming to a close?

I guess you could say I'm coming to an end to Book 1 but hope to start Book 2. Maybe I'm writing my own fan fiction of my own characters now. Something like that. Book 2 will be what happens a year later.

What, no senior year?

Nope. But I hope to explain what happens to Kyle and Amanda who is pregnant in the story. And things won't be quite the same for Roger. I've decided to focus on fewer characters. Ellie is starting college. She has a different job. She's met someone new who is a character from the blog that coincides with Ellie and Friends from Lonnie Love which will change over to that character's first person story.

What made you decide to do this?

Well, I really like Roger which I will admit when I first started the story I couldn't stand him. And I wanted a closer look at developing a character from my Lonnie Love story. I wanted to see how they would be on their own. I guess. Actually, a friend of mine is moving in with two guys and in college and I found that so intriguing. I thought that would be a cool transition for Ellie. I am sure some readers might be down on me about a few things I write about, but people do grow up and I thought it would at least be an interesting summer adventure.

True, you have had some controversial storylines with teen pregnancy, a gay storyline, eating disorders and drugs.

These are storylines you see more and more on TV. Although, some shows are a bit more preachy than others. I hope I'm not like that. And I really do want to write about people in relationships. Every story needs a conflict and I try to make things happen and hope people will remember something about the characters, and will want to come back and find out more. I know I have a lot to learn about writing so doing this helps me grow as a writer, as well.

Wishing you the best on Book 2.

Thanks, it starts on June 1.