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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my new obsession

There is just something about Tyler Grady on American Idol. He's from Nazareth, Pennsylvania and he's making his mark on National TV as the next Jim Morrison, I suppose. But if you look a little bit more closely, there is a bit of John Mayer in him too. Although, as of late, John Mayer has gotten a bit cocky.

True, Tyler's got the swagger and perhaps a bit of a throw back of the 70's, but there is definitely a rocker in him and hopefully American Idol won't hinder him from being his true self.

He sings lead vocals for the band Wailing Waters. I don't know what they'll do with out him. Sort of like Jamie Campbell Bower's band, The Darling Buds. I don't know why, but there is something about Tyler that makes me think he probably stays as true to his band as Bower has a knack of wanting to be there for his too. And I think they would consider themselves just one of the guys in the band.

The group started way back in 8th-grade. They performed in a talent show way back then. Thus began Wailing Waters. And now Tyler Grady has gotten to the Top 24 of American Idol.

P.S SINCE I WROTE THIS, TYLER WAS CUT FROM AMERICAN IDOL. Thats OK..Honestly, I think American Idol would have hurt him in the long run by wanting to change him. I'm glad he's got the opportunity to stay with Wailing Waters..perhaps this will give them just what they need come summer to hook up on other band tours I hope. GO TYLER. Don't look back. American Idol isn't always what its cracked up to be. I love my indie bands and I think thats where he needs to be. And if all else ...well, this guy should really be in a Gap Commercial or something.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crazy heart

I dunno. This film was produced by some people who believed in it. The story is character driven. Its got critical acclaimed stuff, going for it. Yet, I didn't hate it. It was just not quite what I had hoped for. Its a story about an old country blues singer on the comeback trail. Possibly.

Jeff Bridges is an amazing actor. Honestly, if this had been written by Larry McMurtry it might have had a different outcome.

A. he would have found out he'd slept  with his daughter.
B. his son would  have actually shown up and he'd be somebody really interesting like Jeremy London or Justin Temberlake.

As it was, Bad Blake was just a drunk who finally wrote some songs. I don't think this was a stretch for Bridges. Yes, he sang. But I'm beginning to wonder if anyone can be a country singer.

I don't mean to be a downer about the movie. I didn't hate it. Yet, I felt it just didn't match up to the hype, either.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


OK, Johnny Weir might be a weirdo to some. Possibly, a few don't want him a part of the men's figure skating team here in the states. But, hey, he's my favorite. I don't know what it is. Maybe it the outfits he designs for himself or even others. Or that passion that just goes POW on ice. Anyway, here's me rooting for him while others might want that all American type, whats his face...to bring home the gold. I'm for the underdog. Naturally.

I'd rather be watching Johnny, even in feathers or fur.

There is just something slightly Lou Taylor Pucci about him. Maybe that's it. And Lou was just a kid who got on Broadway from New Jersey, to spend his pre-teen years being in the Sound of Music. Now, he's a scene stealer when ever possible from Fast Food Nation to indie fame, The Go-Getter. But really, he's just a guy who wants to grow a beard, I suppose. And he can grow one. Even if it might not match his hair color... And..yes, there's more, perhaps write something some day that we'll see either in film or play.

Is there a connection? Probably not.

Johnny might be a bigger part than he knows at the games to break the barriers out there. Just being himself.

And well, I'm sure Lou wants to be himself too.

But, man, they really look like they could be brothers.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy valentines!



1. it snowed.
2. we watched I LOVE YOU, NEW YORK. Possibly, not as awesome as Paris, I love you that threw everything in from vampires to funky conversations about jazz. But some delightful moments. I wish they could have shown some more awesome places of the city. But Shia Labuff did an excellent performance. Although, I loved the prom & wheel chair story best. Oh, and that wonderful dialogue of Ethan Hawk.
3. My foster Mom gave us awesome wine that we'll crack open tonight.
4. And we visted a friend of mine to see her 2 new kittens.
5. We got Valentine cookies!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Do you wanna get your Greek on?

Or just Mythology?

OK. It worked. Rick Riordan, who's been a mystery writer for years, possibly hit gold when he started the juvenile series of Percy Jackson. After all, he's a middle school teacher who knows a bit about juvenile stuff. And throw in some mythology that you'd love to know and now Percy Jackson and  the Olympians: The Lightning Thief has arrived. Well, add your main ingredient, up and coming child actor to teen sensation without having to be in a Miley Cyrus movie -Logan Lerman(rumor is he could be the next Spiderman) with kick ass princess Alexandra Daddario and well, you got a duo on the hunt for a real mystery. Who stole Zeus' lightening bolt?

All this time Percy (Lerman) thinks he's got loser quality. He's got ADD & dyslexia. Come to find out, his Dad's a god who he never met. Posideon played by Kevin McKidd. But it's Steve Coogan's Haides that steals the moments as well as Uma Thurman as the ultimate Medusa. Its a fun ride and Brandon T. Jackson rounds out the trio as the quest begins to save Percy's Mom - none other that the Mom of all moms lately, Katherine Keener from evil Haides. Aside from all the Daddy issues going around at camp where Percy meets Annabeth.

What I liked about the film...um, there's some clever dialogue, for sure. Lots of action and really some cool effects. Its a very likable film. And hopefully, more will be looking for Logan Lerman to take them through many popcorn movies. He's not just an adorable teen. He's really quite good with emotion. It took me a bit to warm up to Annabeth (Daddario) but I think she'll possibly be in so many transitions when it comes to movies. I'm sure she won't be in many more PG movies. She's got that look that she could be one to reckon with. Perhaps no Harry Potter's  Hermione Granger yet a bit more Ginny Weasley caliber, me thinks. Add a little Zena and well, you got someone who has definitely met anyone's match.

Also, great to see Pierce Bronson strutting around with a horse's ass..as he put it. Yes, his character had some of the better lines. People clapped at the end. It was a packed house.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

another skin - a SKINS fan fiction

Well,  like my friend needed to write anymore fan fic. But she did. She started yet another fan fiction blog. I tell you, its like a disease. She feels no one likes her stories much..so maybe they'd read a fan fic. The problem is. What to write? She decided to go with 2nd generation on Skins with Effy & Freddie and the gang. But she told me she might need help from the 1st generation, as well..like Tony & Sid. Possibly Dev and well, maybe even Cassie too. So its hard to say where this might be going. She hasn't watched the new shows yet, so this is her idea of what might happen or what she wishes would happen on the show. So I said I'd mention it. And I am. She's helped me with Maxxie and Tony. So I hope she has a little fun with Another Skin.

Monday, February 8, 2010

just a lovely mess

We went out for German food last night with the extended family. I got to see Jonah, who's still at home. I haven't seen him in what seems forever. We hardly talk anymore. He's like a brother to me. Actually, I'd alwaqys felt closer to him, than my actual brother. Naturally, he was his quiet self. I really wish I knew how he was doing but, I doubt I'll ever know. And that bothers me, sometimes.

We went to the beer garden without a liquer license..thus no beer. Which was fine with me. It was so heavy with snitzle and spitzle and what not. I mainly ate mashed potatoes. Clive had sour something and bratz. He only ate one. Of course, in the end .. was the question.."Who wants Clive's weiner..." ahahahahhhaa..not so funny. I can only take so much of my foster Mom's boyfriend. I don't think he'll ever grow up.

Then we went home. I'd been on my feet all day. So we decided to go to bed really early. I stayed up and cracked open a new read I got from the library. The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard.

As I was reading it, Love Games came to mind that I'd watched on Degrassi over the weekend with "Declan". I could see him as the main character in the story. But in this story, he was the guy from the other side of the river seeing the rich girl. Naturally, a tragic premise. Julia died in a car crash and no one ever knew of their 'secret'..except her brother found out in a notebook she kept, and he gives it to Colt. So we get to see how the whole relationship came about, and he gets his driver's license and so on, trying to move on. Most anyone would have this read in one sitting. I'm half way through it. Its interesting. Although, I think the main character should wake up and know the importance of really being there for the other person. And wanting to be OK about everyone knowing that she was important to him. I like the main character. Of course, not sure I like Julia that much. I do love character driven stories. And in most of my stories, its the characters that are the most importance to the story. It makes me think a bit of something my friend Ellie had been writing in the beginning of her story with this character Kyle...who almost starts a relationship with the main character. It was funny, how some people hated his character, and others found him quite interesting. He was younger than the main character and rather flawed..perhaps a lot more flawed than either of these characters in the Secret Year. But Colt is younger than Julia.

I try to think back on some of my favorite characters in books. Naturally Holden from Catcher in the Rye. But I love Ponyboy and Johnny from The Outsiders  even more. Yet I so loved Wesley from Walk Across Egypt. Have you ever read a book and were afraid to finish it because you just didn't want it to be over? I felt that with Vast Fields of the Ordinary. I hated the ending. It just fizzled. Anyway, I'm sure I should read more, but I'd rather write. Unfortunately or fortunately. But, sometimes, I just can't help myself.

I did read rumor over the weekend of all the stuff coming up in Degrassi..or what the fans want to happen. Looks like Peter's character is on the brink of destruction. Yet another 'stalker' comes to Degrassi. ( I so loved Ephram Ellis even if he was the Degrassi shooter) This time  haunting Johnny(who almost could have stepped out of The outsiders, I suppose) and Ali since Johnny supposedly knew who stabbed TJ. I don't think he did it. Looks like Anya will mess up things with her boyfriend. And Alex House will be back as Tim to perhaps be Riley's new boyfriend at college. That's what fans are hoping for. As it was with Love Games episode, it started off kind of cute and Declan being such a romantic (in reality, this would have scared me and I would have thought he was just psycho). Anyway, he and Holly J hook up, but run into troubles with his Mom and some mentorship or something she's after. Then it was like his Mom was in control of his whole life. Which was kind of freaky. Like what is going on with these rich people? Although, it was a little unnerving..their scene behind the curtain during this school function going on. I'd never..OK, I made out in the auditorium once during lunch, but it was very dark in there..and it became an I'd never moment when I found out..we were not alone in the pitch black auditorium..other couples were there too. I know how could anyone be as nieve as me.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

lets get LOST

OK..after listening to various co-workers on the subject of LOST..here is my so-called review. I watched too.

Well..I was elated and disappointed in the same moment.

I was so in hopes Juliet would pull through..actually, end up on the other side of the earth I was thinking..but you know, that's just me. You know, on a beach somewhere sipping something intoxicating.

I get the flash something another.."what if" the plane had landed without the crash..but Desmond on the fligh..hum..and where's Boone's sister.and of anyone who's grown from this show its Ian Summer-something another who's now Damien on Vampire Diaries. I kept thinking..OH NO there's a vampire on the flight..hahaaa...silly me.

I don't like those temple people..but what a line that guy said about not liking the taste of english on his tongue..PRICELESS...& of course, Syed awakening..now if they could just get Juliet in that dirty spring water..she might have a chance too.

I also heard that Michael will be back, but not his son. That actor is like 17 or 18 now and it would just be impossible to cast a new kid for that role.

Anyway, I'm ready for the next episode.

One co-worker feels at the end..Sawyer & Jack will be come the "Men" of the island. I have no idea what that means. As usual..I get lost in LOST.

Friday, February 5, 2010

how to kill a chicken

Granted, if we had a real chicken, I'm sure Clive would keep her in the bedroom, and it would just be for eggs. Yeah, he's that kind of guy.

He also likes to cook which is a very good thing since I'm not much of one.

We eat a lot tacos. Before that, a lot burgers. He used to fry burgers at Dairy Queen so his burgers are amazing. I guess you can see a ground meat thing is going here. So, about the chicken.

Well, I had thawed out 3 skinless chicken breast about 2 weeks ago. About. Anyway, a week ago Clive made the best chicken curry, ever. And, he's never made it before. But he only used 2 chicken breast in the packets. So one was left in the fridge. And well, I cut open the packet and touched it. I don't like touching meat. Anyway, it was not slimmy, and I hated to throw it away because the trash pick up wouldn't come for days. And I could see some stray animal coming by and messing up our garbage, everywhere. Or the stinch. Something, to that nature. So I decided to boil it. Then see, if it smelled OK. Naturally, I had a hankering for writing on my laptop. Clive went to do a manly thing, like chip ice on the driveway where we park our car.

Guess what? Yeah, I burned it. I could smell that it wasn't burning..but you know, really cooked, but by the time I got there the pot was black and just one side of the chicken was black. I decided to save it. I shaved off the black stuff after it cooled and made chicken salad. Just for one sandwich I'm afraid. Well, Clive wasn't going to eat it.

He says, "I knew you'd do that. You always do this." Sorry.

Really, when you find someone, you have to find someone who gonna put up with your strange ways. Thankfully, Clive doesn't watch TV in his undies like my Dad. My Dad wears jockies. He wears briefs. And yes, we do live in our flannel pants this winter. Some weekend, we can't think of wearing anything else.

I dunno. I'm glad he can put up with me. I'll try not to burn so many foods. I'm trying to be more careful, and not as wasteful.

One of my favorite things this season. When it gets messy out, this is just what I need even on those cold days. I stay dry in them better than my snow boots.  & they are cute. Actually, they are kids size from Target.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


OK so you got to see Joseph Gordon Levitts strut his stuff in 500 Days of Summer. Well, maybe you haven't seen nothing yet until you see him in Hesher.

You see, there is this little thing call Indie and well, Levitts always feels a need to give it a try and its paid off with fine performances in Secret Skin, Brick and even The Lookout. To name a few. So I'm sure when he saw this sort of character, he was ready to eat it up. And he did.

Its a story of a boy (Brendan Hill) who loses his mother, and with his father in deep grief (Rainn Wilson).....
He meets up with Joseph Gordon Levitts' Hesher. A misfit of sorts, perhaps Jesus with a doobie or two as my friend put it, or some might say he's the devil. And he comes to change things for the whole family. Throw in Natalie Portman as a grocery store clerk, and you might not have love exactly, but at least intense moments.

As reviews go. Its said to fizzle with the rest of the cast, but Levitts puts the sizzle in this flick. So if you haven't had enough of JGL as of late, here it comes in theaters soon. Hesher.