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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Christmas Dare Part 2 by Ivy Parker

Kristen had a hard time understanding her roommate Jenna. Life was so perfect for her. Jenna got amazing grades. Her hair was always perfect. She was so self assured. And yet, she looked down on everyone. Always finding the worst in people.

Kristen felt so beneath her. She'd never came from wealth, actually. Instead, she'd lived in and out of Foster care for the most part. Not that she ever felt misunderstood. People had helped her. And she was thankful for the little things.

First thing they did when she got home was to have Christmas cake with all her long lost brothers and sisters. They trimmed the tree, and then her Foster Mom paired them up with a list of Christmas presents to buy. She had coupons and the like to help them. Even so, Kristen found herself wanting to blow this off. How could Doris have waited to go Christmas shopping.

Oh, how she missed not being in her room full of sisters who talked about everything from makeup to how in the world could Beck from Victorious have split from the star of the show..for Miley Cyrus of all people. They would laugh about celebrities lives, although, they didn't envy them much. Now, she was put to the test to find the last Monster High Doll for an eight year old.

She and Kyle (her younger Asian African American brother) went to at least two Kids R Us stores. It seemed hopeless, but finally, they found the gift at Wal-Mart. She never felt this tired from a long run ever.

"Will you be running any?" Kyle asked while they were celebrating with burger and fries at McDonald's. It was beginning to sleet. Kristen peered out the big window of the fast food place. She shivered slightly, thinking of the cold and how hard the ice would feel on her back if she were out in it, running.

"I dunno." She felt goosebumps prickling up, along her shoulders and arms. "Maybe."

"Remember, how you cried last summer at that marathon, you ran?" He teased as he bit into fry.

"Those were tears of joy." She reminded him as she wolfed down her burger.

"That's just weird." Kyle grinned. "You didn't even get in the top twenty."

"So, it was a personal goal." She sighed. Perhaps, running was her life. She hadn't meant for it to be. Yet, they pestered her about her weight now. They told her she was too thing. Wondering if she were obsessing on running. Was it something she did to keep skinny? Of course, she ate what she wanted. And yes, this past semester, she took a class in nutrition. Honestly, she only wanted to be strong. Not anything else.

"You're a good role model, you know that." Kyle then told her.

Kristen thought she might melt into tears. See, she still felt so weak. Yet, she felt so far away from the life she'd left so long ago. No one thought of that mysterious girl who had been abandoned by her mother just to live that man who picked her up one day on a lonely highway in the middle of nowhere. No, she didn't think of that dark life, anymore, that had made her so old long before her time. Those days were gone. Long gone.

"You ever ran, in snow or ice, before?" She asked.

He shook his head, no. Kristen smiled then. It would be nice to have someone to run with.

Movin on up!

I was hanging out with Ruari on the floor... snapping some photos...

She was enjoying one of her favorite books (10 Little Babies... she loves all the little pictures)...

She looked up and noticed I was taking more pictures of her.... So, she started crawling towards me to grab my camera (she wants to chew on my camera SO bad... But, I wont let her)...

She crawled up to me and guess what she did....

She stood up all on her own. Without pulling up on anything.

Then she took one step... and then fell over. :D BUT, she took one step. She's done this plenty of times while holding my hand... But this time she did it all on her own. Yay!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 of '10 of Miss Ruari

{Amber's Articles, From Here to Eternity, Click It Up A Notch, a sorta fairytale, NapTime Momtog (formerly Loving My Life), and The Paper Mama}

I've been wandering through and enjoying my favorite photos of 2010! Tuesday I shared my favorite FUNNY photos of Ruari for 2010.... Today, a few blog ladies and I are sharing our ALL time top 10 favorites of our babies from this year..


{Bumbo time}

This is Ruari enjoying Bumbo time. She loved it! She always hated laying down...

{Hangin in the sun!}

This was a lovely day that the fam and I spent outside. Ruari was about 6 months old and we decided to spend the day splashing in the kiddy pool and trying on sunglasses!


{Summer splashing.}

This was another summer day splashing out in the water! Ruari was in her little ducky pool learning how to splash!

{Baby bits.}

This was just a simple lovely day.... Ruari had just learned how to sit up on her own... so I snapped a few quick pics!

{8 months}

This was a lovely night out in our front yard enjoying dinner. It was a very hot day...

{8.5 months.}

This was just a random day with my new camera that I decided to snap some photos of Ruari. I ended up loving all of them!

{Ruari: 5 weeks old.}

We had these photos taken at 5 weeks old. This is one of my favorites because I love how she's looking right at the camera and that little line of drool and the bubble on her mouth. Awww.

{Photoshoot with my friend.}

Beautiful photos taken by a friend, Hollin. It was pretty hard to choose my favorites from all of these photos she took.... but, I love this one of both of us.

{Ruari Halloween 2010}

I've said it before: this photo cracks me up! Poor tortured poodle.

{Baby tutu}

It's not the best quality photo, but I just love this photo! She was four months here. It's my favorite!!!

Please check the linky below to check out the other top 10 photos from the participating blogs! Join us! Link up your top 10 of '10 blog post below! :D Can't wait to see them!

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Flashback Friday:
puddle play small button


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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Cozy in the stroller

{This was taken last week when we had a nice dry and sunny day! It was still super chilly... but, a great day! I wrapped Ruari up in her blankie... tossed her in the stroller... and went for a little walk. She was very content sitting there with Bernie (her favorite stuffed animal).}

{Can you guys believe it's almost the New Year? Wow! That's so crazy!}

{If you have a Wordless{ish} Wednesday, please feel free to post it below. And, feel free to link up to these blogs too... (Wordless Wednesday HQ, 5 Minutes For Mom, Parenting by Dummies, A Beautiful Mess, Go Graham Go, Supermom, Live and Love Outloud, and My Wee View.). Happy Wednesday to all of you! Don't forget to check the announcements above the posts. Giveaways and the photo challenges!}

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the slouchy hat

I've been in love with this crocheted hat since seeing Lydia from Hollyoaks in it. Granted, she was a villian on the show, but she always dressed cool. I have so wanted to make one of my own. And I have googled to find patterns for them. But to see it up close, would be a dream.  Check out this slouchy hat pattern.

learn more about Crafty Pants here.

But if crocheting isn't your thing, or you don't  have time for it. Its lovely to crochet in winter while watching TV. Only I would not say its the best thing to do while crocheting hats..since the count on the crown is very important.

SweetEdge from Esty has some of the best slouchy hats I've seen. And at very affordable prices too. Truly, this crafter is an artist in this field. Here are some of the lovelies.

Ruari's funny in 2010

My favorite "funny" photos of Ruari from this past year... awwww.....

December 2010:

{Taken by Amy @ A Good Life}

November 2010:

October 2010:

September 2010:

August 2010:

July 2010:

June 2010:

May 2010:

April 2010:

 March 2010:

February 2010:
January 2010:

Ruari 1 week old December 2009:


If you created a Christmas post showcasing your holiday... my sister wants to see it! You can link your post on her blog here.

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