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Monday, November 10, 2008

a new look for Mitch

Mitch is back and maybe the new Zac Efron of Britain. But to me, he'll always be fab Maxie on SKINS.

This time around he's in Britannia High, something between Fame and High School musical. Of course, he's a dancer. Mitch is pretty much more than just a fit body. He's a great dancer with lots of grace. Not sure what sort of charisma he's got going for him with his character Danny, but I'm sure he'll work each scene to make it his own. Not to say Hewer was a scene stealer on SKINS but he always delivered. Of course, I take this show as to be more of main stream writing with the pop sensation of song and dance familiar to High School musical, but it shares the highs and lows of being in a performing arts.

Of course, Hewer has transformed himself into a whole new image just with a different hairstyle. He's hardly recognizable. Its as if those days as Maxie are over. Say it ain't so.