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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She's no Plain Jane

You might remember her from THE CITY with her fashion savy reporting. Louise Roe says she's had her Plain Jane moments herself while growing up. She says everyone has them. It could be the braces phase or bad hair days and other fashion fiascoes, but she helps young wallflower's get their game on with her new show on the CW Plain Jane.

Louise feels if you dress right it gives you confidence for everything else. The starting point is feeling good about yourself and that's what happens when you find that you can look great in something that might take 10 pounds off you, or show the best assets you might be hiding.

"Celebrities from the '70s, especially Lauren Hutton. She always looked great." Louise says about who influenced her own style.

What are her top 3 tips for getting the guy of your dreams to notice you?

1. Make the first move! Most girls don't actually do this, but some people can be afraid to put themselves out there. I'm not saying throw yourself out there, but take a risk. Don't expect the guy to reject you because why would they? Just believe in yourself.
2. Wear red. Statistically, you will be more likely to be picked up by someone if you wear red.
3. Have fun! Just enjoy it and relax. Don't be so stressed that your eyes are darting around the room. Focus on them and smile!

What made her want to be a fairy godmother to girls on her new show?

The must have Parker Wedge from Alloy. 
 It's an opportunity that I think anyone would love. I see myself more as a wing girl or a best mate or a big sister, and I love that role. I really love taking care of people and having a laugh with them. It's just so gratifying and rewarding to see them come out of their shell and start believing in themselves.

Louise says her favorite part of the show is "Definitely the look on the girls' faces when they're in an outfit and they can't believe how amazing they look!" Or when they face their fears and do something like jump out of a plane. "On one episode, a girl jumped out of a plane and you have to see her face when she got on the ground. It was amazing!" She was screaming and so ecstatic."Or it's when they see the guy and you can tell from their face that they're so happy. I think they have this realization like, "I can do it!" It's amazing."

Monday, August 30, 2010

Skippy dies a novel by Paul Murray

Its quite a mystery. 14 year old Skippy dies at a donut shop. The book stars with a climax. Already the book is to be put to film by Neil Jordan.

The story takes place at Seabrook college. Of course, its based off of all the networking life out there with students and teachers. It explores his life with his family and friends. How he felt about girls and spent time with his mates with a rather cynical approach.

Of course, some might wonder if there is a decent person in the book. But its a story written with so much of Murray's poignant prose, yet he can somehow spark the humor in it too. Murray has a way of producing the 'goodness' of characters and yet the complexity of them being horrible at the same time. This is a rather character driven story. Not by one, but several.

Some put Paul Murray in the category of Salinger and D.B.C Pierre. The novel is full of everyday situations with teen pregnancy, teenage drug dealers and of course those naughty priests. He leaves no leaf unturned, so to speak when he takes his characters on quite a journey. Murray's previous novel An Evening of Long Goodbyes. 

Skippy Dies is in stores tomorrow. The novel was previously put in a boxed set of novelettes.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

make me over by Ivy Parker

I'm not sure exactly when I knew it, but I did. It wasn't like I woke up one morning and knew everything. Of course, there are some times I wake up and I have no idea which day it is. Nothing there to calculate What to expect. Where to go. Then ding. It's like the program has a late start in my brain and well, I'm sure if I were in the hospital this could all get straightened out. Or could it?

I'd just spent my twenty-first birthday there last year. Things are still fuzzy. Maybe I had amnesia just like they said, but what if the hospital made me forget more and try to remember something I never knew?

Anyway, I'm not here to complain or justify my blank awareness, but I knew, I could sense it, yet not exactly explain what was happening to my little place. It was being invaded.

You see, my bills weren't getting through to me. Like that bothers me. Not really. It wasn't exactly a pain until I realized my electric bill wasn't here and my power might be cut off. And if I'm out of circulation with the universe on my computer-- well-- I might as well not exist. The same with the phone bill.

I sent them money right away. Even called to make sure it got there, and I forgot about this shadow, somehow. Why would anybody be following me?

It was when my favorite chunky heels were gone that I knew something was up. Someone had been in my messy little room and taken my favorite heels. The heels I very rarely wore anymore, only on special occasions. Of course, I couldn't think of none. Maybe when I felt pretty. That hardly ever happened. Nevertheless, those black chunky classics were significant to me.

I didn't let it go. I tore up the whole place looking for the pair. So sure I'd find them in the freezer along with my credit cards. Thank God, the credit cards were okay. Luckily, it was just a glitch. Maybe I'd left those shoes at an old boyfriend's place. But I couldn't imagine walking home bared footed. Could someone take them as a trophy or maybe a reminder of - No, no, that would be so strange and not at all like anyone I knew.

Finally, I found them a Romeo's Retroware. Evidently, I must have taken them there during one of my down sizing paranoia frenzies. Romeo let me have them back for twenty when he was selling them for forty bucks. He let me have a little Chinese silk number, baby blue with black flowers for ten bucks and asked me if I'd come and work for him.

I told him I'd think about it.

"Maybe after I figure out who's stalking me." That was the first time I said it. Why hadn't I thought of that before?

It was on my mind. The stalker. Had, whoever, watched me from a far.. so long... that it was time to move in? Invade my space?

I stared at my room for some time. Cyberspace was my only outlet to vent and I must have ranted on every board I could, looked for sympathy in every chatroom who could stand me, until they booted me out. Did anyone really care? Someone was out there wanting my shoes. Well, how else could I explain it, that I thought maybe somebody was praying something bad might happen to me, maybe even taking what little I did have and putting a hex on me.

This did my complexion no good. Sure the alabaster is me, but the pimples aren't. Before I knew it, I was squeezing a zit in the middle of my forehead. But maybe it was a spider bite. Maybe whoever slipped into my room at night let a little spider loose... just to bite me so I'd think I had a zit from all that worrying when actually it wasn't. So I stopped sleeping and decided to paper my walls with all the cat calendars I found during one of my disruptive moods when I tore up the place from before.

Cats. I didn't even own one, but I had these calendars with nice pictures of fluffy cats, purring cats. They were happy cats. It would be a happy place with all those beautiful creatures. So I cut and pasted.

Its so much easier to do it on the computer though. I had to stretch, tape it just right to fit in each piece like a puzzle. It was all coming together. I was in love with cats. Until the phone rang.

It was Dexter back from his band tour. He played the guitar, I think. Sometimes I forget. I'm sure he's fabulous. I didn't know. I'd heard him. He said. I just forgot.

"Let's get together." This could mean for food or sex or both. Anything was possible with Dexter. It took a while to put a face on his voice. When he got there, he wasn't like a thing I remembered.

"Aren't you supposed to be rich or something?" Well, maybe he was. It was hard to tell, decked in a black thin suit over a very black T-shirt. His hair was thick and raven. It smelled of smoke, soured beer and a sweet reminder he'd slapped on some musk sometime in the last twenty-four hours.

"I'm just a band roadie, Chloe, don't you remember?" He squinted like he was thinking for both of us.

"Aw, yes, the band roadie." What exactly did they do?

While I was pondering his lifestyle on the road with musicians, he was staring at the Cat Wall.

"You think I'm a serial cat killer, don't you?" I asked suddenly.

"No, no, is it supposed to be art?" His black eyes blinked, making me appear more special than I was.

"No, no, I'm just waiting for my stalker," I sighed. "He's out there. He just won't show his face."

"You've never been quite the same since you came back from Ireland," he said, watching me take out the bottle of something from the fridge.

"Pickle?" I didn't remember that trip. There were a lot of things he said I did that I didn't know.

He took one and bit down on the crunchy dill.

"Do you eat anything else but dill pickles?"

"Am I supposed too?" Pickles were my favorite food. I couldn't start the day without a tart dill pickle.

"That's okay." The way he said it he would be going soon. He never stayed long. The visits were getting shorter and more vague each time, but it really didn't bother me. I could make another cat wall.

His pink mouth curved into a half moon.

"You said I went to Ireland. How long was I there?"

"Not long, I don't think, maybe three weeks. Three months at the most."

"And what did I do there?"

"Maybe you were in the IRA for all I know." He shrugged and ate the pickle.

"Oh," initials, another blank spot. I had trouble with initials. "Is that all?"

"Chloe, you were never the same, after that. Or so your father said, and your mother, too. God, it's amazing they leave you alone. Its amazing, man." He walked around the place like he might actually be home. Especially, when he plopped on the couch and found the TV remote. He was home.

"Amazing?" Another false hope.

"You wouldn't mind if I crash here for a while, would you?" He finally looked at me. "You know I had to let my place go, being on the road and all. I wouldn't be here more than a few days, anyway."

"I guess it'd be okay." Only I wasn't really smiling. It was just a studio apartment. This would mean I'd have to talk to someone.

"Great, " his dark eyebrows perked up. I swear he was communicating with the devil. But when he checked out my fridge for himself, he wasn't exactly smiling anymore. "I'll go out and hunt down some food, okay."

Of course, I didn't know he'd be back an hour later with a black kitten in his arms.

"You aren't going to eat it, are you?" I felt a shiver of excitement in my veins.

"No, silly," Dexter pinched my cheek. "I just found him on the way home. Want to hold him?"

I did but I didn't. Cats. Did I know what to do with a small one?

His somber green eyes looked up at me. I hesitated.

"It's a black cat. You brought a black cat into my home?"

"What's wrong with that? You aren't superstitious are you?"

"Dex, I can't-" but once he fell into my arms and began to purr, I changed my mind. I was in love with that wet nose, his smooth chin, his beautiful thick coat of hair. He snuggled next to me.

"What are you going to name him?" Dexter made himself at home with the cornflakes he bought and a quart of milk.

"I don't know," I shrugged and rubbed his chin once more. "Blackie."

I poured Blackie a bowl of milk. He lapped it right way and later wedged himself between Dexter and me on the couch.

"Wow, that was fun," Dexter looked at me, stretching to put his arm around me. "But you didn't eat anything. Why didn't you eat anything?"

There was an empty box of cereal and a quart of milk half gone. Maybe that was why.

"I wasn't hungry, anyway." I had to make myself eat these days.

He sighed with a loss of words and snuggled closer. Suddenly, I felt confined, wondering what he was doing. His hand patting my shoulder. I looked. His face was in my hair. His breath tickled my ear and my neck. Everything collided for a moment. His nose against mine.

"Ow." That wasn't supposed to happen. Everything was off cue.

"It's okay," he said, but I didn't think it was. Something was odd. "I'm tired anyway. It's just good to see you after all this time, to know."

"To know what?" I blinked, rubbing my tender nose. That moment I touched his sharp nose, I sensed it. I wasn't who I used to be.

"God, why did all those shock treatments make you forget the good stuff, too?" His dark eyes were blue.

The sadness swallowed me for a moment. I caught my breath. A knife could have cut out words and all that was left was a sore note in the top of my mouth.

He pulled away from me and rubbed his nose with both hands as if he was thinking of something.

"Lets go to bed. If there's something I missed the most, it's that bed of yours."

He must have missed it because no sooner were the lights out, no sooner had he kissed me and he embraced the pillow, I heard him snoring. I shivered with a laugh, profoundly awake. Blackie hopped up on the bed and curled up next to me. His purring was a comfort and everything was going to be okay even if I couldn't stand Dexter's snoring.

But then it happened. Sometime after my eyes shut and it was deep in the night. It's hard to say when it's deep in the night when the streetlight cast a silver blue along the window, but I was into dreams when it happened.

I felt his hands along my belly, climbing my breasts, maybe my chest, but it was a slow progress, not quite slumber, yet real. He kissed me.

Only I heard snoring. The snoring hadn't stopped. Dexter was sleeping next to me. Someone else was there.

I struggled to get up, to get away, but I didn't want to wake Dexter, either. His kiss was contagious and I couldn't help but kiss him back. Maybe it was all a dream. It must have been a dream. I closed my eyes, imaging his face. He wasn't Dexter. I didn't know who in the hell he was, but he wasn't Dexter. I felt a pang. Who ever he was...I missed him.

I opened my eyes, saw his skin in alabaster blue. The invasion began before his fingers ever touched my hair.

"I'm going to make you all over," he said.

Something changed. I'm not sure what. Not that he was there in the morning. It all bothered me now. Watching Dexter sleep, thinking about who ever he was and his visit. It just didn't seem natural, and yet the whole thing was like an eclipse. My heart didn't even beat the same now.

Of course, when these things happen to me. Not to say this happens to me ... All the time. But the only place I knew to go was Romeo's.

"Have you been visiting the Fairies?" popped out of his mouth when he saw me creep into his little hideout in the Passageway.

"The Fairies?" I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, it's true, you know, what they say about the Fairies, one blue eye, one brown, she's been with the Fairies." He pointed out. I blinked and finally looked in the mirror. It was true. I did have one blue eye and one brown. I covered one hand over my right eye. It was brown. I covered my left eye. It was blue. Brown. Blue. What was going on?

"Say what's under the trench coat?" He pulled back my collar then, figuring I was in my underwear. I was. "Been up to you're old tricks, have you? Too many men, not enough time, aye?"

"That's not true. I'm- I'm out buying Dex, breakfast." Yes, he needed breakfast, but I really hadn't thought that far ahead.

"What's the matter, Baby, you can talk to me?" He looked a bit scruffy. His hair had no color. His skin like ice. He fashioned too much of a vampire punk and he reeked of kempshi. "You're all fluttery, hadn't seen you this way in ages."

"It's nothing. I- I want to take you up on your offer, that's all. I'll come work for you. If you want?"

"Baby, we're partners. The place is yours I just hang here because you've been down a bit, when you're better the place is all yours." He lit a cigar and nursed it. He was in deep thought.

"Thanks, Romeo." But his answer didn't make me happy. It was all so crazy.

I plopped down in the booth in the corner, his little office, put my head in my hands and began to weep for no reason.

"Baby, do you want me to call someone?"

"No, no, I'm fine, really. I should be home, but I don't feel safe even there after last night?"

"A party girl's never safe, you know. She's got to keep her wits about her. And, Baby, you got the wits." He grinned.

"No, I don't. I'm not who you think I am. I'm not who anybody thinks I am." I thought of Dexter. Poor Dexter. Did I treat all my boyfriends this way? I'd betrayed him. What a cruel thing!

"It's the guilt, is that it?"

"Yes, I'm afraid it is." I looked into his devilish eyes. "I've done a very bad thing."

"Baby, you've done bad things before. How bad could it be?" His full lips puckered a sneer.

"Tell me what I've done first." Why was everyone determined to keep me in the dark about everything?

He shook his head and sighed.

"Well, you've broken down doors before. You hurt a bouncer once. You'll do just about anything for a score."

"Like drugs?"

"Naw, it just sounds better that way, but you like the natural stuff best. I real ganja geisha, you are." He sucked on his cigar then like I might get the idea about reefers.

"Oh." Maybe I wasn't as bad as I thought, but then I wasn't sure I got the geisha part.

"You're a party girl. It's to be expected," he shrugged.

"Being with someone so sweet like Dex and then cheating on him?" I grimaced.

"You're kidding?" His stare was so serious. He did think I was a criminal. I could see it in his eyes.

"Yes," When I thought about last night, I wanted to cringe. How could I let something like that happen? "It wasn't just once, but twice." I looked at him.

"Twice in one night?" He smiled. "Must be catching up for lost time."

"I think," I knew who he was now. "He's the stalker, Romeo."

I didn't go into detail what he'd said about making me over. Romeo had his own ideas. I trudged home in a short number, a-line, pink with white daisies. He even found the white go-go boots he thought were perfect. God, who was I now?

I put down the hot coffees and the sweet rolls right away. Dexter was in the shower when I got home.

"I know it's not what you expected." I called thinking all was calm. The place was so warm and bright. It was bound to be a nice day. I found saucers and what was left of the milk. It would be pleasant and cozy. I wouldn't think of him, but of Dexter.

"What's this, shaggadilac," he said while I turned away to the silverware drawer, wishing for jam or honey. Really, I hadn't a clue what a hostess was to do.

"Something Romeo claims Barbara Feldon owned or maybe it was Jane Fonda." He talked in circles about such memorabilia that was just a splat of junk in my head.

"Nice." He breathed into my ear then. He didn't sound like himself, but he smelled of ivory, fresh and unsmoked.

His hands touched my fingers. The spoons clinked against the silverware. I pushed the drawer in and turned to look at his dark ominous eyes.

I squinted not sure how to get out of this. First the night lover, now this. I swear the bed was glowing, and I felt a little unsure what to say, nor where I could go trapped at the kitchen drawer. I closed my eyes, and for a moment when he touched my lips with his, I thought I remembered. But it was just last night.

I felt sad that I'd forgotten Dexter. I forgot him now, too. With a sniffle, our lips parted. When I looked up, it wasn't Dexter who was kissing me.

"Now who are you loyal too?" He smiled.

I blinked. This wasn't supposed to be a daydream. Do daydreams turn into Nightmares? This time I took a longer look. His green eyes frightened me.

"Who are you? Where's Dex?"

But like a chameleon, his body change in an instant through a shadow. It was Dexter, again, smiling, as if he'd never left.

I squinted, trying to think more clearly, I wanted to forget I saw who I thought I saw. But he gripped my shoulders.

"Are you all right, Chloe?"

I swallowed my answer and dropped to the chair.

"Yeah, I'm- I'm-" Maybe I was crazy. Maybe Dexter was a magician. I set at the table wanting to pull my hair out, but that hurt before, and besides Mother would be mad. Everyone would be mad if they found me in this condition, again. "How about breakfast?"

"I'm famished." He opened a coffee and began to drink it.

I sat there imaging it was just a figment. This person who'd appeared. It was all a dream. My stalker was only an imaginary friend.

"You need to get out more," Dexter said handing me a coffee and a muffin.

"Exactly." I stared at the food, but I thought it might be intoxicating and put me in a deep sleep. I'd go to sleep if I ate breakfast.

"You probably don't even know what's going on in the Old Market, do you?"

I shook my head, no.

"Probably a lot shops you never been too. We could make a day of it."

"Yes." I wanted to be anywhere but here. But I was beginning to turn cold. I warmed my hands on the large styrofoam cup full of  hot coffee.

"Want me to make it the way you used to drink it?" I shook my head. My voice could hardly speak. Doubtful, I remembered any of my trite ways.

He started with twelve packs of sugar.

"God, what kind of Junkie was I?" I caught myself laughing.

He added milk.

"You said rum was really good on cold days. But you have a thing for Kaluha. You always had a homemade bottle somewhere." He rummaged through the cabinets. Finally, he pulled out a bottle of the black liqueur. "You want some?"

I shook my head no and nursed the coffee, but quickly spit it back in the cup.

"God." Maybe I swallowed a coffeeground. "It taste awful."

"You know, I caught your cat drinking from the toilet this morning," Dexter said while grabbing some butter. "But maybe he was just using the bathroom. He really needs a litterbox, you know."

I breathed in the coffee again, as if everything was normal and I was entirely in agreement with everything Dexter said.

"Food too. You don't have anything to feed a cat."

Blackie appeared then. Maybe he knew we were talking about him.

I broke a muffin and tried to butter it.

Blackie hopped on the table next to me and stared intently at the coffee. Before I realized it, he was lapping up the sweet coffee with his pink tongue.

"You shouldn't let him do that," Dexter said staring at the cat.

"He's just hungry." I broke off a piece of bread. He gobbled it up instantly.

"Don't spoil him, Chloe." His dark eyes looked at me as if I were a child, a delinquent perhaps.

"I won't."

"Okay, you promise. I just wanted something to keep you company while I'm away. I don't want you having a fling with him."

I blinked, caught my breath. A shiver shot through me. Blackie?

He was just a cat.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Degrassi's boiling point

Munro Chambers & J.E.Campbell as El & Fitz
I suppose the whole point of this boiling point theme..might have had to do with someone's point in the boiler room. Lets say, it was something of the oral nature. Or it could be said, this might be  just how a girl would bully another girl, by making someone's boyfriend disappear. OK, I'm talking in riddles.

Honestly, the storylines for the most part were about bullying in school. Degrassi usually tries to find something edcuational in their stories. Can't say they did much about it other than letting you be aware of it. I'm sure with all the massive bullying in Florida among other places made them think they had to do this. Of course, its high school. And being in a high school is its own little universe. Sometimes, when you are there in your circle, you forget to look at the big picture. There are far more horrific things going on in the world with disseasters, miners trapped in mines where they might not get home til Christmas, and people drowning in floods on the other side of the world who are probably starving when its not raining.

And so, what was Degrassi's point with the "boiling point"..especially, after last night's ending?
Aislinn Paul as Clare

OK, Degrassi's got a hot new character who's got problems. Possibly manic depression. His ex was hit by bus or something after they had a fight. And he's gone Emo. Made fun of for his eyeliner, hanging out with a transgender girl and being hot and cold with the girl he likes. Eli aka Munro Chambers. Lets just say everything goes better on Degrassi with  Munro Chambers around. He smirks. His voice. He's definitely got a wide range of emotions he can expose which I can't say that for that many in the cast. In reality, Munro is 20 on the show..just sixteen and an awesome 16 he is, which can't always be said about the 20-somethings out there being high schoolers in TV land.

B luring Drew to the boiler room (Alicia Josipovic&Luke Bilyk)

But..and a BIG BUT..last night episode did not deliver..other than a strip tease from Holly J for Sav in the auditorium..I'm afraid. Drew didn't stand up to his mother about Ali in the boiler room. Yes, something had happened between he and Bianca in the boiler-room which devastated Ali, but she couldn't get revenge on that with someone else in the boiler room.

Fitz, the bully, almost came off as a good guy. ..but he had a knife..and well, there was a moment we thought he was going to use it on Eli..but the knife got stuck in the wall. True. We didn't really want to see Eli get hurt...but still..something major should have happened...and it didn't. The hypothesis is..being the victim of a bully creates a bully..so bullying is contagious and perhaps thats how terrorist are created.

As for myself, well, I did see a friend of mine get beat up when I was in high school. I was so furious, I actually jumped on the guy's back and pulled his hair. Needless, to say I was known as the crazy girl. But I think if you know there is bullying going on..make loud that you know something is happening.

What might have been more fitting if Ali and Bianca would have had a catfight, but I don't think I'd want to fight over Drew. Best advice. Move on. I have seen many a girl-fight over boys. Its really not worth it.

Annie Clark as Fiona

It looks like Declan will be back for Holly J in October. He isn't exactly a bad boy. Just this rich kid who thinks money can buy everything. His sister Fiona was pretty good... being a drunk, but that's past her now. Some funny moments with her making memorable moments. Who knew Annie Clark had it in her. I'd still like to see her hook up with Peter. He needs at least one last good hook-up before he goes.

Zane & Riley
And so out of character. Still find it hard to believe KC would reject Jenna and not accept responsibility for his child that she's going to have. I really think he would.

Another thumbs down, Riley and Zane should have been elected King & King and they weren't. Hopefully, for Prom, for sure. Zane really did look absolutely adorable in his flower barrette in his hair.

Spencer Van Wyck as Wesley
Thumbs up, scene stealer Wesley (part of the nerd heard). He won a 2 dollar date with Anya. I hope that goes sweet. Honestly, Anya had the saddest story. Her mom having cancer, but she did rekindle her friendship with Riley and yes, he figured out he was a homo with a homophobe problem. Honestly, though, it would have been much more intriguing if perhaps he'd shown his anger issues out on someone he loved. I have had plenty of my gay friends dealing with boyfriends that do beat them up. Its an issue I know people say can't happen, but it does.

Shannon Kook-Chun as Zane

And to sweeten the deal, it would  have been a mega twisted storyline if Adam and Eli hooked up, or even better Adam crushing on Clare who is practically orgasmic around Eli. But as you can guess..that didn't happen.
Adam & Eli
Find more fun captions at Degrassi Much.

Meanwhile, if you like Degrassi Fan Fiction, My friend just started one. DFF.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

eat.pray.love-movie review

You know, the trailers really had me wanting to see this movie. Add a giddy friend or two and it gets down right exciting.

It was all don't see it yet. Lets do something fun. Cine & Dine. This is where you go watch the movie and eat the foods that she (Julia Roberts) eats during the movie. So I went with a bunch of co-workers. OMG..I will tell youknow ...a bunch of old librians can certainly confuse people with too many questions. Just getting there to the special movie theater was an undertaking, and we still had time to kill.

You sit in practically air-line seats that need to be pushed up like a salon chair so you'll know whats going on behind the bar where you eat. And there is a button to push if you need something from the waiter. Like change for your bill. Needless to say, if I hadn't been bored in this long movie I would have been pretty peeved with the waiters.

Saying that..I will admit this movie isn't all its cracked up to be. Sure, I love travel movies because I rarely ever go anywhere. But I felt Liz the travel writer was pretty much a self-absorbed person who ate a lot of pasta and pizza. And really what did she find out about herself on this 'self-discovery' trip? Yes, she was in search of God. Or possibly, it was the idea that she just didn't feel enough in her world. We all have to tackle this. And in most cases the real key is helping other people will give us our greatest splendor.

Here she was seeing poverty, over crowded conditions, smog. Its the reality of where you live. Seeing how people cope, in everyday life. It just seemed she might could have found better ways of reaching out to others, than scrubbing a floor at this place in India.

Don't get me wrong, there are some lovely places she went. And yes, we are exposed to the realities of the natives, but it was just a passerby influence. And it was hard to think if she'd changed at all.

As for acting, I can think of some better actoress. As for character developement, James Franco's character was just a little annoying (and I love James Franco but not with Julia). Of course, Javier Bardem saved the ending as free-spirit Gilbert. To bad, he couldn't have been in the movie sooner. There is just something like a Greek God about him with a Spanish accent.

This is a movie to go to with your Mom, or a friend. It might inspire you to want to travel. Just maybe. But really, I liked the idea of the story in my head so much better about a woman who keeps falling for the same guy even in different countries. And finding the world if so much more alike than different in certain ways. I'm not sure it showed us the beauty of what we can find in people by helping people.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh, Ashley Greene

Just 23 and she's got 6 movies coming out in the next two years. One of those films is with Tom Felton and Luke Pasqualino. The Apparition.

The plot: When frightening events start to occur in their home, young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) discover they are being haunted by a presence that was accidentally conjured during a university parapsychology experiment. The horrifying apparition feeds on their fear and torments them no matter where they try to run. Their last hope is an expert in the supernatural (Tom Felton), but even with his help they may already be too late to save themselves from this terrifying force… Unfortunately it won't be in theaters until 2011.

Meanwhile Ashley is showing the world what it takes to look glossy and beautiful in the make-up industry through Mark. She says, just be yourself.

Ashley Meets Mark.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Faun Fables - music review

Can't get inspired with your next LARPING exercise? Well, give Faun Fables a whirl. Its just what you need to get you back to another time. How real music felt either in middle earth or the late middle ages.

The band is made up of  Dawn McCarthy who left the New York music scene back in 97 to move to Okland, California to bring in a funk. However she has does worked with Dan Rathbun on much for her music energy. There are family members in the band that you will hear ever, so often if you pick up one of their CDs. My favorite would have to be The Family Album that a friend gave to me recently.

Nils Frydahl
Current members are now Dawn McCarthy: composer, vocals, guitars, percussion, stomping, autoharp, gamelan, Nils Frykdahl: composer, guitars, flutes, vocals, percussion, autoharp, broom, Kirana Peyton: bass, vocals, percussion, harmonium, Meredith Yayanos: violin, theremin, vocals, percussion.

Dawn's voice is a bit of a throw back of Janis Joplin, at times..but with an old folk twist. I have doubts Janis could ever be this sublime. Much of her music is story-telling. But she has real musicians to back her up. This is music you could rest too. Picture a different time in your head. It'll make you smile. It'll make you wonder why you are listening to it. And is everything relative? Perhaps it really is.

(make sure to listen to Eternal..the last video)

So far the band has produced 4 cds. The latest is The Transit Rider.

Faun Fables

Monday, August 23, 2010

Degrassi stories

Jordan Todosey as Adam the trans-gender student.

The past few weeks Degrassi has had the boiling point in full swing, 4 nights a week with the new kids.

Ali & Drew
1. We find out that Drew and Adam aka Grace are siblings. Possibly, step-siblings. The writers weren't exactly straight on the issue, but with so many blended families today, well, family is family.

2. Drew, a fantastic athlete, is pretty much dumb in the academic department. But Ali (smart kid, we guess) doesn't care. She just wants to be popular with a very cute guy and will go that extra mile to get him..as she does with Drew through party-time,etc. However, this really gets to be on again off again. Bottom line..Drew is a player.

3. His sister/brother, Adam has the strangest of story-line, but the writers want to make aware trans-gender issues. More so than any other time in history, we are making waves to let those decide even in middle school or earlier if they want to be a boy or a girl. In Adam's case, she feels she is a boy trapped in a girl's body. And yes, Adam likes girls but she doesn't feel she's 'gay'..just trapped. Thus, dressing as a girl.. she starts burning herself. One good thing is the relationship between Adam and Drew. He is there for her. No matter what.

Bianca the trouble-maker
4. Jenna finds out she's pregnant just when she's on some teen idol show. And all this time her boyfriend, KC has been really sweet and congenial..even going as far as telling her that he loves her no matter what size she is..BUT..and a big but..he just can't be around as a Teen-Dad. I thought this was the lamest of all the storylines. First, I don't think that's true to caring KC's nature. But we'll see how it pans out. Jenna is going pregnant and continuing with her dreams to be on the teen idol show. Break-up.

5. One of the most delights of the show during the boiling point was Munro Chamber's Eli. He starts with telling Clare..she has pretty eyes. He's a bit of a goth dude. Kind of scheming when he gets bullied. And a real romeo with Clare. Or so she thought. He's haute. He's cold. Eli's got a secret. And his best friend is Adam.

But wait there's more. LOCK-DOWN this week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vampires Suck - movie review

OK..there are a lot of haters out there about this move. Perhaps, the Twilight saga is just too sacred to them. The movie is suppose to be silly and stupid to make fun of the Twilight series. And if you listen carefully, you'll get an earful of all the vampire themes out there. Vampire Diaries. True Blood. Seriously, you aren't suppose to take it serious.

But I have to admit I found Jen Proske and Matt Lanter more watchable and enjoyable  than either Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson moments from the Twilight saga. Just too bad we didn't have more Jacob moments by Chris Riggi.

Of course, the plot is just a spoof of the movie. And there is everything from the Jonas brother to purity rings in this movie. You really have to keep focused on the humor in it or ..well, you might miss it. Of course, instead of going all the way to Italy for the big ending, why not have your prom as part of a vampire sacred day? Then add The Hangover's Ken Jeong as a head vampire and you've got a crazy time. It helps to have Deidrich Bader as Frank (Becca's dad).

This movie is brought to you of course by those who brought you Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans..destined for Comedy Central in the near future. I'm sure. So wait to see it. Its not something you'll be writing a thesis on. Its just good for a laugh. And some of us need those from time to time.

This is Jen Proske's first major role. I do hope she gets more films. She really did have Stewart's scowls and ticks. Her voice sounded so much like Kristen's. She made me think a little of Daphne Zuniga from The Sure Thing. Seriously, though, I could really watch her and Matt in a serious movie and enjoy it. Its great that Matt, who is quite a night time soap star on 90210, can find time to have some fun in a silly movie like this. I like seeing that side of him.

Other unknowns who I hope we see more of is Nick Eversman as Jeremiah (the Jasper part) He was so William Defoe in his scene.

what a girl needs

OK, I was thinking practical over at Dorthy Perkins. Even if its so hot and muggy and no end in sight with ghastly temps, a girl has to think about fall. And a coat or two. Of course, I just can't wear anything I want to work. Like no open toe shoes due to the dangers of something falling on your toe. I work at the library. And yes, to most it would be, you are just so lucky..all those books! That means being on your feet and putting them away. Not reading them. And you have to look helpful and practical.

I found the tan chain strap satchel to be very classic, yet practical to put all my needs in. I've always wanted a double breasted coat. And this would be perfect for fall. Also the black ruched sleeve jacket caught my eye, but the necessity in life at work is a good fitting straight leg trouser.

And who doesn't love shoes or boots.

Of course, this doesn't mean I'll be getting anything from this site. But it can at least inspire me when I am looking at Salvation Army or Good Will...and of course, Target.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

going through changes

Morgan Jeffery reported this:

The Vampire Diaries star Steven R. McQueen has admitted that he enjoys exploring the dark side of his character Jeremy Gilbert.

He told HollywoodNews.com that the character will continue to evolve in the forthcoming second season.

"Jeremy has been one of the most favorite characters I've ever played, just because he has gone through so much, and he has been forced to make so many changes," explained the actor. "You can only be hurt for so long before you turn hard. And that has been interesting to see his progression as the series has gone along."

However, McQueen - the grandson of Hollywood legend Steve McQueen - refused to confirm whether Jeremy will become a vampire in the new season.

"Obviously I can't say whether he makes that change or not," he teased. "But I can say that Jeremy has been pushed around a lot. [In the new season] he starts to push back and stand his ground. He also begins to become a little more cold and calculated."

The second season of The Vampire Diaries begins September 9 on the CW.

I also hear there are big things to come for Michael Trevino's character Tyler Lockwood..in the form of werewolves. So naturally, I decided I might do yet another twist with the Jeremy & Tyler fanfiction. This one is mainly focused on the moment Jeremy takes Anna's blood. Of course, Tyler would have to be involved in this..somehow...

Tyler's Turn

Sunday, August 15, 2010

VV Brown

To some VV Brown is 25 and has been playing on the piano since she was 5. In her music is a very old soul and yet she can make this the most memorable summer yet with her song Shark in the Water.

In the tradition of Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Adele comes a Brittish model who can possibly handle fame and fortune with grace. Her music is full of quirky old school in her debut CD Traveling like the light. You'll find old do-wop and girl group style from the 60's mixed with her vibrant tunes. Her style is retro yet finger-popping jive with a twist of modern themes. You'll find old school R&B with her Quick Fix while Shark in the water is more main stream, but so catchy that it has to be my number one song this summer.

She certainly delivers in Crying Blood and Leave, as well. If you are looking for a chance to get away from Rianna and Laddy Gaga sagas this summer...well, you can turn over a new leave with V.V. Brown, The tall, gorgeous, retro-styled black Londoner who's full of talent. She's more than just a puffy hairdo.

I first heard her Shark in the Water when I was watching Degrassi's new plug for The Boiling Point sessions for summer.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cherrybomb-movie review

What can I say, I've wanted to watch this film forever now..because I'm a Rupert Grint fan. Naturally. What I didn't know was how I'd be instantly amazed and obessed with Robert Sheehan in the movie as Luke.

This is an Irish film. And yeah its about the lives of the misbehaving youth. Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Basically, a SKINS type theme. Michelle(Kimberly Nixon) is rather Effy - minded. The haute girl who's Dad runs the place where Rupert works. She is trouble from the very start. Perhaps she's just a player. Messing with boys' minds. Its who can be the badest will get her first. So you have best mates, Luke and Malachy in a competion to win her. You know this won't end well.

But as you look at Luke and Malachy's lives, you see where they come from and where they'll end up. Is that what they really want out of life? Luke has a hard life taking care of his, out of his mind Dad..who could have came right out of the series Shameless while his brother does pretty good in the drug world. Malachy comes from a loving family and has good grades. It definitely could bank on desturbing at times. But somehow Luke and Malachy manage their friendship.

Rob is just amazing with his rock star swagger, the pain of life pulsing through him as Luke. He's been seen a bit on TV through BBC's Misfits ITV's Rock Rivals and also on the Tudors. Hist next big thing is Season of the Witch and Killing Bono with Ben Barnes.

One can only ponder just what the real relationship is between Luke and Malachy. Truly, it has it moments. Rupert is always a natural. His hair worried me a little, but still very cool movie. Great soundtrack too.  And I have to admit I love his movies because the dude can really act.

Warren Christie - the good, the bad and the ugly

His characters are usually bad boys with a big heart. His latest role on ABC's Happy Town was Greggy who lived across the tracks with his hoodlum brothers. The only way of escaping them was a bit of time spent in jail. But with those haunting blue eyes, who can really trust him? His characters always have a way to keep us guessing. He was also cast as Big Cat on October Road. The main character's arch nemesis that got the girl. In both roles, you can't help but feel a little bit for this brooding type.  Even if neither of these shows made it all that far in the season, he, as an actor, left you wanting more from his characters.

                                                                                       One of his more wicked roles.

Christie was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but he was raised in Canada after his family migrated there when he was only two years old. He attended the University of Windsor on a football scholarship. Only that wasn't all he was made of. He packed up and headed to the west coast and its been a good history ever since when it comes to making the most out of the roles he's gotten on TV.

Warren has been on hit shows such as Supernatural, The L Word, Battlestar Galactica, The Ghost Whisperer and Samurai girl. Hopefully, this guy will be one to watch for this season.

                                                                                Vampire Luther on Supernatural

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Step Up 3D - movie review

I know you're thinking how could that be possible? A dance movie in 3D. Ridiculous. And yes, perhaps the first Step Up one was a better story than the second. Yet there were definitely some amazing moves with "Moose" in that second film which I have to admit were a lot more than what Tatum Channing might have done in the first one. But no worries. This movie has got  its talent. Everywhere.

Daniel 'cloud' Compos- the best boy dancer ever as Darkness.

And thankfully, the writers were thinking of Moose (Adam Servani ). We get to see his parents in this one. He is off to college at NYU with his best friend in the world, Camille(Alyson Stoner). Lets face it Adam Serveni is the Michael Cera of this movie. Possibly the Michael Cera of any boy dancer, in fact. And if you loved Moose in the previous Step Up or you're an Adam Servani fan, you are gonna see this movie. Add some wonderful eye candy who can pop it like Rick Malambri (Luke), Stephen Boss (Jason), and Daniel 'Cloud' Campos who can get wicked anywhere in a dance step and you got some major action going for a dance movie. Oh, and the 3D effects were brilliant.

I really enjoyed the dance number with Alyson and Adam on the street (the two had done work together earlier in a JC Penny dance commercial). I'm really glad she got in on the dance numbers. Of course, the big romance was between Luke and Natalie, Australia born Sharni Vinson who reminded me so much of Andie (Briana Evigan) from Step Up 2. Their moves were a lot a like. While Andie was more down on her luck and really into the street dance, Natalie who came off street dance smart was really a poor little rich girl. And of course, this means a lot of twist and turns in the battle of the world dance off in 3 rounds! I won't say the story was Shakespeare by any means, but still, the story was good enough. The dancing fantastic and a remarkable soundtrack too.

Step Up 3D

The kids are all right - movie review

This is the story about two moms with two kids from one sperm donor. Granted, you have a well rounded family of moms, Nic and Jules who have beautiful children - Joni (Mia Wasikowska) and Laser (Josh Hutcherson). I can also so, Annette Benning and Juilanna Moore both aged like a fine wine, but then you have the sperm donor player Paul (Mark Ruffalo) who comes to mess things up. Thanks to Lazer who talked 18 year old Joni to find their so call biological Dad.

Along the way Nic and Jules are worried about all the ruff housing between 15 year old Laser and his best bud, Clay (Eddie Hassell). Its not so much a concern to think their boy might be gay, but the fellow he's hanging out with is a serious loser. Of course, then Jules reflects on this wondering if Nic thinks she's a loser since she's trying to start up her own landscaping business while Nic is a sucessful doctor. And then there is thoughtful, smart Joni who really enjoys her friendship with her guy friend Jai (Kunal Sharma) she plays scrabble with. Thus this all gets more tangled with the help of Paul.

Paul has done all right for himself. Didn't even finish college and can certainly get it on with the ladies and go green with his gardening co-op. Yet a certain attraction surfaces and well, it can very well... undo a family.

The movie has a great cast. Wonderful dialogue. Some very intimate moments. And I can't say who's performance was the best. It was a very sweet movie. And some very heartfelt moments, indeed. On the other hand, what if the couple wasn't that successful. What if these were characters with lots of extra baggage. Of course, you wouldn't have this very sweet movie, then. So yeah, I found the movie rather politically correct and fun, but still the grain of thought is...family is everything.