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Thursday, January 1, 2009

a lippy for winter

Nivea can certainly save the day this cold harsh winter. Its a great moisturizer that keeps those lips kissable.
Of course, you might want to keep putting it on those lips every few hours. I was amazed to find out at work how some friends apply some form of lippy on the hour.
As for me, I'm good to go at least 4 hours. I know many would say, if you want to keep'm kissable, keep it coming like every hour. Nivea's lip balm comes in flavors and color tints.

You can by your male counter part who might not be into cross dressing nor the David Bowie phase...the clear kind. They should not be offended. Its some of the best stuff out there to keep those lips supple.
Other lip balms recommended..
Burt's lip balm with bees wax.
If you want something a bit more inexpensive but are above just good old chapstix try Jane's lip balm. You can get them in a trio of tints. One is clear so you can give it to that significant other who just might need some lip love before the makeout sessions begin.