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Sunday, April 4, 2010

clash of the Titans-movie review

First off, I have decided....Sam Worthington just does not do it for me. Second, I'm glad I didn't see it in 3D.

Now, of course, you have a worth cast. I mean, its not everyday you get to see Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes together. As brothers, no less. I know, I'm bad, but I get them mixed up... all the time, but I must admit. Ralph shined every moment on the screen as the evil Hades.

Like any epic movie, its a journey. And yes, we get breath taking beauty of water and land and then scorpions in the sand. Huge ones, of course. And well, I wll admit, I only went to see this movie for the sake of Nicholas Hoult. But it was just a bit part. And he gets to sit a lot... because, he's taller than the going rate actor, evidently. But still, he really needed more moments on the screen that he didn't get. Just a blur. I would  have loved to gaze at that bizarre yet historical hairdo of his and of course..the clothing.

Yes, I got lost in it somewhere and wasn't that crazy about the special effects.

Another shining ember of a bit part.. was to see "Effy", Kaya Scodelario, who plays Hoult's sister from Skins in a tiny bit part. I think she might have said "no" once. Perhaps I would have enjoyed the movie more if both had gotten the main parts. But they are young and hopefully by the time they are 30 they will be part of what BBC will consider note worthy for any film. We'll just have to wait.

Honestly, I'll have to admit, I did find the 80's Clash of the Titan's cool. Perhaps it just exposed what the 80's were, for all I know. Kind of campy. The robotic owl. And there were skeletons. Alive. Of course, who doesn't love Pegasus? I could just watch a movie about someone and their flying horse. Yeah, How to train your pegasus. Now that might be a winner.

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