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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, with three writers with messes like October Road and Life on Mars have decided to go the Stephen King route this time. And it just might work if they keep focused.

The pilot opened with such a squeamish murder in a fishing shed on an ice pond and Georgia (Sara Gadon) almost witnessed it, but it began to rain. Later we find out who it was who dropped the girl across the tracks on the old road to walk home. The Prince of Haplan Andrew played by new comer Ben Schnetzer. There story is that of star-crossed teen lovers in a little Minesota town. Where the bread factory is the big dough and crime hardly ever happens. That is if you haven't forgotten The Magic Man.

True, the writers can make some very quirky characters. Now if they can just keep the plot going, we might just have a winner. It has so much potential. Everyone loves a good mystery. And with Rootbeer, the nervous Deputy played by Jay Paulson and the cool collected Geoff Stults as the new sheriff in town cause his Dad's just a little crazy these days..you've got a perhaps Fargo in the making. Especially when you add the mysterious Sam Neill who might know more about The Magic Man than he's telling. Also, you can't forget the new girl in town Henley Boone (Lauren German) with the strange question mark on her back who just has to find out what is on the 3rd floor of the boarding house where she's staying. The suspense just keeps building. You might be happy that you watched what's happening in this heartland town.

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