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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

gossip girl is back

Last night's episode is promising. This time with a European aspect to the story. Blair and Serena are off in Paris doing what rich girls will do, shop, flirt, shop more, find prince or a pauper, girl fight, shop to make up for girl fight. Well, something like that. Which I have to admit had more meat to savor than most of last year's story plot which even included a threesome that was about as exciting as getting your teeth pulled.

Yes, I understand, the show is a guilty pleasure and is one to adore all the pretty outfits. Although, I don't think if I were in Paris I'd be caught in anything Blair nor Serena had on in the episode. But that's just me. Yet, it would have been more fitting to see what they really are wearing on the street in Paris. Granted, the cobbled streets and buildings definitely gave it a Paris feel. As well as Blair spouting off her wonderful French. Of course, I do wonder if they only choose certain guests for these shows so they won't up scale the beauty of Blake or Leia. Or could be they don't have the funds to do so. Even so if Gaspard Ulliel or Louie Garrel could have been spotted I just don't think their stylist would do them justice. Honestly, Ed (Chuck so nostalgic of old Hollywood) is the only male on the show they showcase. I know, I'm always looking for eye-candy that's just not there.

And to end the show was a rather slap and punch segment with Clemence Posey, who I absolutely adore, yet her wardrobe just didn't take the cake, yet they left it a mystery of just who she might be. Who knows, possibly an under cover agent or the poor little French rich girl, as the case maybe.

Moving on, back to the states. Misunderstood creative Dan is scammed once again. You just know that kid of Georgina's is not his, but you know how it'll play. He'll be left with the infant and just love it more, no matter what. Well, shouldn't he? And Nate, certainly hasn't gotten anymore clever, either. But who cares, he's fun to look at. Its just, you wish he'd wise up. And just when you think he has, you realize it might not be so.

Yes, Gossip girl is back and it seems to give us more mystery than ever and some fashion to savor too.

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