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Monday, September 27, 2010

like no one else

Jason Schwartzman seems to be everywhere these days. Its hard to think of him married now. And 30. But he does know how to pick them. I do have fun seeing him in HBO's  Bored to death which started a new season last night. As Ames put it, who created the show, "Even when he's in a rubber suit, you know its Jason."
married to Brady Cunningham

There is just something charming about this quirky big nosed short guy. Perhaps its this unique sincerity of his, or he just knows how to be himself. Yet, he can show the dark side like he did as "Ross" in Spun.

Just recently he was the mad villain in Scott Pilgrim. I have to admit I've loved him since Rushmore, and I really enjoyed Phantom Planet when he was their drummer. I'm happy he's making his own music with Coconut Records.

Yes, I'm starting to fall for him more now, than I did in his early movies..

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