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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nico Mirallegro

Nico was awesome as the ground breaking emo boy Newt on Hollyoaks for the last few years. He wore a black wig most of that time. His character evolved from sullen to sweet, along with a few flaws of schizophrenic which made fans love him, everywhere. But last April there was a shakeup in Hollyoaks. Many of the favorites were sent on their way. He'd grown up on the show sharing a flat in real-life with Amy on the show. His character left for Scotland to live with his Mom.

Oddly, I had no idea about them in real-life but in my fan fic I had them rather tight. Even having a baby together. And also Newt was gay in my fan fic who was terribly bullied by Ste. Eventually, he found Billy and well, I did enjoy writing about the triangle between Amy, Newt & Billy.

Well, I was pleased to find out that since Nico left the show ..the actor has taken on some wonderful projects. One of those being in a new drama on BBC called MOVING ON. He will play a gay character in October who suffers from bullying.

He's also filming McQueen the Movie. And will also be in the remake of Upstairs Downstairs. Nico also pumped up for the short film Six Minutes of Freedom where he plays a troubled teen who needs boxing for a positive outlet.
Yes, Nico is definitely moving on.

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