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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Robert Rodriguez's Machete

I was so happy to find out Machete opened this weekend. I am a fan of Robert Rodriguez. His movies are something my brother and I always enjoy. Sure, lots of blood and weapons and so many mad explosions, but still there is just something that makes us laugh too.

Rodriguez is of course inspired by the old Grindhouse movies of the late 60's and 70's. My mother told me that when she was young that at drive-ins back in Texas usually, you had to sit through a B rated Mexican movie before the regular feature. Usually, these movies were in Spanish. Lots of shoot'm ups from people she never heard of. And there were always explosions.

Well, that's the kind of movie you get with Machete. But with people you've heard of like Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez. And finally Danny Trejo gets to be the hero of the movie as Machete. Danny, himself is quite a hero. In real-life he had a criminal past, but he became such a fighter in prison that he won titles in boxing and after almost 12 years in prison, he became a success. I usually think of him as always the bad guy in film. Like the Injun Joe of Huck Finn type. Scary and bad as the boogie man.

The storyline has to do with the border of Texas with one bad buy after another trying to control who gets across the border and of course, drugs.

Michelle Rodriguez is the heroine in the movie. Of course, SHE and Machete are a good bit myth than anything else. Of course, she's fit and amazing with her stunts. I really felt they showed a soft side to her, too. Which was nice.

Michelle & Daryl taking a break with some guy in a TX bandana

It was also great to see Spy Kid Daryl Sabara all grown up in this film as a day labor. He was pretty cool in his part. Also some evil performances from Don Johnson and Robert Duvall. Still the movie was all in good fun. Cheech Marin had some of the best lines as the padre.

Oh..and there are boobs. More woman walking around unclothed than I thought natural. I dunno. I had to think, did they feel uncomfortable in those scenes? Well, Lynsey Lohan didn't seem too.

If you enjoyed Planet Terror, you are sure to enjoy this one. After all Machete is a spin-off from that movie.

Here are some that make the list of the best TOP 10 Grind House Films According to Dream Logic.

1.The Big Doll House
2.Black Belt Jones
3.Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
4.Cannibal Holocaust
5.Death Race 2000
6.I Spit On Your Grave
7.Lady Snowblood
9.School of the Holy Beast
10.The Street Fighter

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