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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vampire Diaries still got it

I finally got around to watching the opening episode of Vampire Diaries online. Unfortunately, it was stop and start from the feed. The commericals were great, but it was a bit sad how slow to actually watch it. I thought at first is was my connection or perhaps so many wanting to see it, but I think it was the main media feed.

Even so, it started with quite a spill. Out with the old, in with the new. Katherine is back. The vampire girl that Damien has been pining for, for the last 147 years or so.  Yeah, even vampires get the blues. And Damien can't really tell Elaina and Katherine apart. He just might not be as clever as we thought.

But Katherine is back with a vengeance wanting to stab everyone. You'd think she'd be more into biting, but not this week.

Then we are in the wake of the mayor's funeral. Its a very sad time for the town. Tyler if fuming and drinking and wondering what's wrong with him other than how he hated his dad the mayor. Meanwhile, he and Jeremy almost have a moment. Maybe. It would be a stretch to call it that. But Jeremy can relate. He's lost his Dad to...and Anna, of course. As well as his quick fix of wanting to wake up as a vampire which didn't quite work out that first fifteen minutes of the show. Oh..and we meet Tyler's young hot Uncle. I don't know his name, but he's a mighty fine to watch. He's a surfer and a werewolf. Can you imagine a surfing werewolf?

Oh, and Bonnie sees she can give Damien headaches. Maybe Katherine too. Yes, she's getting her Witch act together. She is even helping Caroline heal from the major accident with a little nibble from Damien who somehow makes Caroline, all better.

But there is all that bitterness between the Salvatore brothers. Stefan hates the idea of Damien kissing Elaina even if it was Katherine he was actually kissing. Stef tells Katherine off. He never loved her. Just to turn around for Katherine to tell Damien she never loved him. Oh..am I telling you too much? Sorry. Which of course, leads to Damien being in a very bad way. So he comes to Elaina, hoping for something good, just to be more miserable since she is in love with Stef (but is she really?) & just when Jeremy is going to stand up to Damien. Well, Damien snaps his neck and leaves him for dead, but did he?

OH, its an emotional ending. You really do think this might be the end of Jeremy. But oh no, Jeremy is a vamp, after all..YEAH! And he's not the only one going to the darkside.

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