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Saturday, April 17, 2010

cool nerds or YA Tarantino

YES! I saw it. And well....its just so Tarantino-like(my friend ellie shared that with me), except...so real. KICK-ASS..kicks ass.

OK, so our main character is going through his own woes and yes, you may think he has suicidal tendencies. Then after one feat that almost ends him...the word is out that he MUST BE GAY. So that's how you get to a girl's heart. Being her gay BFF. Hahahaha..and to think Aaron  pulls it off. OK, he's got a bod fit for a green suit. Rounding out Dave (Johnson) 's pals, Duke Clark and Evan Peters who hang out at the comic book store. Of course.

And you'll LOVE Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Red Mist. Oh, the bonds made in this film. But this film should recognize the talented Chloe Maretz. You'd definitely think she should be the daughter from Kill Bill in this movie. Of course, many a parent might not like the character's attitude. But she is superb in what she can do on film.

This film is remarkably cool and yet it gives you every punch as if you might experience it, yourself. Some bloody and gruesome places, but still it delivers a very emotionally connected Dave in all the horrific things in this movie. Wow, I know I have to see it again because I probably missed some good parts the first go around. This is an R -rated movie. It leaves nothing behind.

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