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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lets go Veronica

So Heathers was on other night. And I own the movie, but still I had to watch it. Its the ulitimate 80's classic. It went where no other teen movie went. It exposed the cliques. The language. The style. And still, past the padded shoulder and the triangular bods..there was Wyona Ryder in her own style. Her Veronica was no Heather. And as we know, Wyona still has her own timeless style. She might be a loner and alienated and quite the literary intellectual in anything she does, but you can't deny it...that girl's got style.

I love the blue tights she wore. The black dress in the shower scene. And well, Christian Slater fit as the perfect psycho Jason Dean. I don't think he's ever gotten over that part. We knew then he had potential for serial killer moments in cinema. The voice. The rage and of course knowing all the right answers to the daily lunch poll.

This film had great one liners. The music milked the scene for all that it was worth. I hear there is rumor of a sequel. But how? Why? I mean, her boyfriend blew himself up. Should we go down that road again?

Really, this is a film full of style and satire. Just let it alone. Who pulls off an oversized vest with leggings these days, anyway?

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